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Recent posts by Madhu Kumar Vatts

Got it. Just move it from deployment diagram to Component one.
I am not seeing the three dimensional box in Star UML component diagram (Similar to the Email Server box in component diagram in Mark Cade Book). How do you go about diagramming that in Star UML. If I draw a rectangle would that be ok?

Please let me know.
Did you try any mock tests ? You can also revise notes of fernando, its very detailed and covers some of the topics not covered in cade book (Applets, Security etc.,)

fyi., I bought this tool and trying it. It gives 5 sample assignments. The only confusion I have is Cade book uses 1 Class diagram to depict the entire process, while in this tool, they break down into 3 class diagrams, one for webtier, one for ejb and one for domain model interaction. Any suggestions or advice of which way is an appropriate way to show class diagram ?
I have created html using frames for the assignment, would that be okay. I thought to give the evaluator choice to go back and forth between different diagrams. Would this be fine? Please let me know.

p.s: I still need to work on colors and format and content.
Fernando, your notes is amazing. It really helps. I used it before going to SCEA1 exam, even now i refer it for scea-2.
Anyone tried this tool recently for OCMJEA6 exam? I searched the forums but the last post was around year 2006 - 2009 so thought to ask.
What an exam. Loved reading for it and appearing. Took me around 3 months. Followed the key books and Wikipedia. Used Whizlabs software heavily for practice. The choices are very close, but just believe and go for it. Good luck to future aspirants.

Next in my path are

SCEA Part 2 || JQUERY Expertise || PMP || MBA. Still thinking which one to go for.
10 years ago
Prepared for a month or so. The book WebServices up and running is amazing. It is very nicely written and provides you examples to try. I have bought quiz and notes from Mikalai and its is very detailed and helps you prepare well for the exam. Thank you Mikalai.

Good luck to future aspirants. Next onto SCEA.

Madhu Vattipulusu
oracle certified sql expert,
ibm certified xml 141
10 years ago
Materials used:

1. ProJpa 2 book (Read 2 times, made notes of all annotations and some key points)
2. Enthuware (Bible, kept lot of mini tests for each topic in projpa2 book and practised)
3. JPA Spec (If you are confused while reading Projpa2, refer to the spec, very detailed and mention when to use what, for example exceptions- not mentioned in projpa2 clearly, but spec has one section which clearly mentions for which particular exception tx needs to be rolled back etc)
4. Total time : around 25 days (1- 2 hrs on average per day)

That's it guys. Good luck if you are preparing.

--Madhu Vattipulusu
10 years ago
Cleared SCWCD today. I started with one complete read of Head first servlets and JSP, and then followed with a intense second revision, and continued that with practise questions.

The first few questions in the exam were tough, but just kept on doing the hard questions and came back later to the harder ones. I completed the full 69 questions in 2 hours and then did a complete revision for 1 hour before submitting the exam. For the tough questions, I have used elimination technique.

Thanks to Kathy Sierra for getting such a great book!!

Resources: Head First Servlets and JSP by Kathy Sierra

P.S: I have 5+ experience in J2EE and that knowledge with HFS helped to ace the exam faster.

Madhu Vattipulusu
Sun Certified Programmer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Sun Certified Business Component Developer
IBM Certified Solution Developer for XML related Technologies
Sun Certification Web Services Developer(Feb 2009)

14 years ago
Could anyone suggest possible reasons for this error. I am trying to comprehend a code, which generates EJB files and fails due to this error.

[java] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/javadoc/RootDoc
[java] at Source)
[java] Exception in thread "main"

Sorry that I couldnt include more description towards the problem cause


Also the book "Essential XML Quick Reference by Aaron Skonnard and Martin Gudgin" is good, if you are serious XML/XSL/XSLT programmer, you should have one of this.
Thank you all.. I am planning to appear for Sun Certified WebServices in the coming 2 months. Wish me the best.

Thank you
Madhu Vattipulusu

After 5 days of strenous hard work I was able to pass the exam. The books I have used for the exam are:

1. Professional XML
2. Essential XML Quick Refernence by Aaron Skonnard

Both of the books are excellent and I have chosen both for my preparation. For example the Professional XML provides code which I can test while the XML quick reference provides a concise way of understanding and presenting concepts and method names. I have had very little time to go through specs, but let me tell you that reading specs would take time..but they are the right resource to understand concepts and examples to strengthen such.
Coming to the questions, lot of them were scenario based and I used Process of Elimination to come to final answers. Questions involving code were less, for example, xslt etc.. but as some one said earlier, some of the questions(1-2)appeared from mock exam. I have to think a lot in the exam while answering some questions, because lot of them were tricky and using the basic concept and analyzing such to a scenario would help. If you see the spec, they provide concept + an example. for future aspirants please use those, lot of the scenarios were built upon those.

Anyhow it was very challenging and I am happy that I made through

Madhu Vattipulusu