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Recent posts by Santosh Ramachandrula

Does Hibernate Reverse Engineering tool allow generating two entities for the same table? If yes, how do I achieve this? Or do I have to handle this in DelegatingReverseEngineeringStrategy?
Ok. Thank you!
12 years ago
My apologies, I updated the statements in question with a new Integer(...) in both statements.

When I pass a primitive "int"in the second statement "does Java convert it to Integer object by "auto boxing"?

Following is the source code from Java 6 documentation.

12 years ago
So you are saying that "statement 2" will create an extra object in the heap but the two statements will always return the same value all the time, right?
12 years ago
Hi Will the behavior of these two statements be same or different? (both compile and run but want to know if their behavior is same at all times)

12 years ago
Any suggestions?

I am using Hibernate version
I found this JIRA issue but I do not have any answers on it yet.
Any thoughts/suggestions from Bartenders?
In Hibernate, Can I transform ScrollableResults to a bean using Transformers.aliasToBean()?
I have done it with "List" with

Can something similar be done with ScrollableResults where the resulsets are transformed to Beans using Transformers?
It can be done in the following way

12 years ago
Hi, Using Mockito I want to test the condition where I get to a count of 1000 in org.hibernate.ScrollableResults, One way to do this would be to have when(; more than thousand times. Is there a shorter way of doing this? Please let me know if you need more information.

12 years ago
No. If I remember it right this was found to be a bug in Axis

We ended up using an older version.
12 years ago
Hi, I want to profile a web application deployed to JBOSS(integrated in eclipse), what configuration do I need to do?

I have installed Jprofiler, I can profile a Java file with main class but how do I profile web application?

Please let me know if you need more information.
13 years ago
I am doing what you mentioned and I can see the sql and binding parameters in my logs but what I am trying to accomplish is get the sql query dynamically and execute the "EXPLAIN PLAN" on it through my test cases. Something like below

satement.execute("EXPLAIN PLAN FOR XXXXXX");

where XXXXXX is the sql query from hibernate