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since Apr 06, 2004
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Recent posts by lali kri

Hi Pooja
Did you get it working ? Please let me know coz even am having a same problem.
What book is good for Hibernate 3.0.

Thanks in advance for ur replies.
U can check the which has some good tutorial.
15 years ago

How to send mail using clientside Javascript ... any guidence like code example and what r all the stuffs required to perform this ... will be greatly appretiated ..

thankyou in advance for ur time .
Hi all

IS there any chapter wise mock test as the Dans mock tests for SCJP1.4 for HFS?
Thnakyou in advance for your help.
I am using the VE plugin for Eclipse for my GUI applications.
once i create the swing components using the design view of the VE... and close the file and open again am not able to see the components i created in the design view again .. can anyone help me with this ..

and one more thing is if i run the source file created through the VE as applet ... i dont c the components i created .... any help on this would be really helpful ... thank you in advance for ur help
Can u add ur explanation about threads, synchronization etc.. that wud be really helpful for the SCJP exam takers i hope ...
Thanx a lot for ur immediate reply. I did not know abt this ... thanx for ur update. Thats gonna make my work more easy.
I have been using Eclipse, in that the Swing components like JButton etc has to be coded by us ... In Netbeans is it built automatically i mean can we drag and drop the swing components .... I have not yet used netbeans .. so can u please help me .

Thankyou in advance for ur time.
hi all
can anybody tell me where can i find some online material for the Wrapper classes.

thankyou in advance for ur time.
here in US i dont c anything less than $150 .... if u guys come across anything less than that do pass it on ....
anyway thanx for ur prompt response ....
Actually am in US ..... so i think the cost will be 150usd and not less than that .... anyway will try the google search ...
thanks for ur response.
Hi so the cost is USD150 and not less than that is it ? can i get any voucher less than that ...... ?
thnakyou for ur reply
hi all
can anyone tell me where can i buy the SCJP1.4 exam voucher ....... it wud be really helpful
thankyou in advance for ur help ...