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Recent posts by Surya Prabhakar

Thank you Mr/Miss RoshiniSridharan for ur enthusiastic reply.But I think I should explain u the concept in detail actually I mean to say that ,consider the textfield as a display screen for calculator,in which text should not at all come,take example of a windows calculator in which all text keys are disabled so that no text can be entered.Your code is good enough but only verified after entering something into the textfield,which should not be I hope u understand the problem.
thx again
21 years ago
Hello friends!!!..,
I hope u can answer this.
1) In a text field the default alignment of the cursor is right side.Can we align it to the left side?
2) Unlike that can we make cursor invisible in the textfield but still the text can be entered from left?
3)can we restrict the textfield to accept only numbers?

Please answer me these q? I need to work on a project
thank u
21 years ago
Hello Gautham....,
I actually had the same problem I need to use the filenamefilter interface for my media player so that it can filter the midi and wav format.I hope u can spill out new ideas on this particular issue.
thank you
21 years ago
Please help me with any sample code ,how to play quicktime in java applets or frames.
21 years ago
Hello Friend!
I think start is not really essential for a particular thread to run ,when u can directly create the instance of the thread in the init() and activate it there itself.I do in that manner only.
I am just trying dont mind much if ur not satisfied.
[This message has been edited by Rahul Mahindrakar (edited December 27, 2000).]
In my java program ,I have FileDialog class which opens out a dialog box to retrieve some files.Now I want to make only few files visible in that like of type *.txt,*.doc etcin that.
I had this program
FileDialog fd = new FileDialog(f);
In this how to keep getFilenameFilter method.
Please help me

I am a novice user.I hope people out there will help me.
21 years ago
I am able to make a small music player with the above package,the problem is it is unable to play files (wav,midi) of higher size (more than 20mb).Further it is unable to play any other formats like mp3,wmv etc .Is ther any help available in java to make my player do all these.
21 years ago