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Recent posts by Peter van de Riet

Maneesh Godbole wrote:
Usually, it is an expected courtesy to mark NSFW ish links, especially for folks who login from the office.

Category: Adult Materials

The particular image is not Adult Material, although other images on 9gag may be.
7 years ago
The statement stringValue.replaceAll(".", ""); does not change the immutable String. In stead you could use:

8 years ago
Maybe he just means test, because a machine can't be tasted (preferably). The question could be: why does coffee from an office machine taste bad, and I don't have the answer for that. My experience is also every Monday I must get used to the "other" taste at the office, at home I've a espresso machine.
8 years ago
I think Thread.sleep(5000) should do the trick.

The site you provided states:

these sleep times are not guaranteed to be precise

But I don't think your reading from telnet needs to be that precise.
8 years ago
Without seeing the code:
java.lang.ClassFormatError is a common mistake that occurs when you have ftp'ed (uploaded) your .class files under the ascii format instead of the binary format. Maybe that's your problem?
9 years ago

David O'Meara wrote:I won't spoil it by telling you what that ingredient is

Except for the title of the thread...
9 years ago
For mixing paint I think you have to take the average of the colors:
((100,200,150) + (50,60,70)) / 2 = (75, 130, 110)

BTW: mixing paint is NOT the same as mixing light like 255,0,0 (red) + 0,255,0 (green) + 0,0,255 (blue) = 255,255,255 (white)
try it yourself: take the 3 colors paint (red green blue) and paint 3 parts of a circle each with a different color, then spin the circle (using a pencil)
take the same colors and mix then with same amounts, you won't get the same color as with spinning the circle.
9 years ago
4^2-36 = 5^2-45
4^2-36 = 5^2-45
4^2-2.4.9/2 = 5^2-2.5.9/2
4^2-2.4.9/2 +(9/2)^2 = 5^2-2.5.9/2 +(9/2)^2
[4-(9/2)]^2 = [5-(9/2)]^2
4-(9/2) = 5-(9/2)
4 = 5
2+2 = 5

I have made a picture for the correct formatting of the quotations above.
Between step 5 and 6 the following is applied a^2 + 2ab + b^2 = (a + b)^2
9 years ago
If you can put yourself messages on the queue, you can add a "STOP" message.
Or you can add a "control queue" where you send messages to, this can also be used to send other controls, like for instance loglevel.
10 years ago
Another tip: if you are sure the solution is an integer number, then consider rewriting your code in order to do first the multiplication and dividing that by the second number:
First 125*930 = 116250 (use a int or long if nessecary)
116250 / 465 = 250
10 years ago
Did you try the suggestions mentioned on this site?
10 years ago