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Recent posts by yamini nadella

when I worked with cocobase ORM tool, it has GUI to create classes from table and to map tables with objects.

is there any gui tool like this in Hibernate?
assume there are two tables employee(empid, empname, deptid) and department(deptid, deptname). There is primarykey and foriegn key relationship is there between these two tables.

How can I do mapping in such a way if I search empid then I get both employee and department values?

do I need to have bean classes employee and department seperately or one class only?
Do I need to have 2 mapping files for each table or one mapping file?

If I need to define relationship then I need to define many to one or what relationship?

unfortunately in many hibernate books things are not clear?.
in many books I saw hibernate mapping xml having tag like

<id name="id" column="uid" type="long">
<generator class="native"/>

is "id" is a primary key? then what is generator class? how to represent multiple fields as primary key?

what if there is no primary key in a table?

is generator means this ID value is get generated automatically? What if I dont want to get ID generated automatically, I may assign value explicitly?

it is looking like hibernate is bit complex to understand?
In Hibernate quiqly book I read that Hibernate provides schema export feature to create a table in database. Actually we need to use ORM based on the database structure, Then why we have to use schema export?

In above I mentioned that there is a website which takes input parameters of user information and that servlet stores that information in database.

Here I would like to this manual process of entering data automatically by calling a webservice.

Here I have 2 options one is rewrite servlet as a stand alone java class and convert it into webservice
other optin is converting the existing servlet application into webservice.

Here how can I convert a sevlet into webservice? like in case of weblogic or websphere is there any tools to convert?

18 years ago
I know a java program can be made as webservice. Is it possible to make a servlet to webservice. can a webapplication is converted to webservice?

in a website if we enter personal data and press submit button then it called dopost() or doget()method of HTTPservlet. can we make this servlet as webservice?
18 years ago
Is there any relationship between JSR-168 and weblogic portal and websphere portals.

is weblogic and websphere portals are implementation of JSR-168?
18 years ago
I know how to convert standard java application to webservice. But is it possible to convert a web application to web service? how?

how many types of WSDL's are there?
18 years ago
can you please send me that PPT vadisa9@yahoo.com
D is correct answer. RMI-JRMP supports distributed garbage collection. But RMI-IIOP dont support.

I am not sure about B. Some where I read Stub download is not supported by iiop. But I am not sure.
(1) which EJB's ideal to model multiple rows of read only data
answer is session beans instead of entity beans. why?

(2) which EJB is ideal for batch processing? session/entity
Answer is stateless session beans why not entity beans?

(3) which statement is correct?
(a) ssl is a low level protocol sits below http
(b) ssl is high level protocol sits above HTTP
I thought answer is A. But result is B. which is correct.
DNS round robin is load sharing only but not load balancer.
Hi Lakshmi,
I did not find the notes of Sivasundaram Umapathy. can you give the link.

Hi Congratualtions.
Please let us know the links for
Ramu Meda's notes, SCEA in a Nutshell .