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Recent posts by Davie Ali

I have setup 2 virtual hosts in websphere application server 5.0. Each virtual host has an application associated with it with their context roots set to \.
Both of these applications can be accesses using their urls e.g. www.test1.co.uk and www.test2.co.uk.
My problem is that sometime I am getting some sort of refresh/caching problem. When I go to www.test1.co.uk I sometimes get the wrong application displayed ???
I am also using IBM HttpServer version 1.3.26.
19 years ago
Thanks for that Rufus,
Do you know the steps involve to simply setup one page that uses ssl from an application that has been deployed in websphere application server ?
19 years ago
I have setup SSL in Tomcat before but I do not know how to set it up in Websphere.
I only wish to have SSL on a few pages with my application that has been deployed to the app server.
As my IBM HttpServer is installed on the same server as my app server I take it I DO NOT need SSL on the Http Server or the Plug-in ?
Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
19 years ago
Kyle - so to confirm you are saying to set up 2 virtual hosts in the app server each virtual host has one application in it with a context root "/"?
I DO NOT have to do anything in the IBM HttpServer as the plug-in will take care of it. Is this correct?
19 years ago
Well I have tried it and it does not work. Maybe I need some fixpack or something. Kyle I tried the context root set to "/". But I cannot set two application's context roots to this unless they are in a different virtual hosts in the application server.
19 years ago
Yes I know about the virtual hosts in the httpd.conf file - the question is if you wish to setup one of these virtual hosts in this file what should the Document Root be set to when you are wishing to "point" it to an application on the application server
[ April 18, 2004: Message edited by: Davie Ali ]
[ April 18, 2004: Message edited by: Davie Ali ]
19 years ago
Yes both web sites point to port 80 of the server.
In Tomcat you can set up 2 different virtual hosts. Each virtual host has a different "docbase" (as it is in Tomcat - Document Root in the IBM Http Server).
By doing this the first virtual host will route all requests for www.test.co.uk to a particular application and the second virtual host will route all requests for www.test2.co.uk to a different application.
I have this setup and working in a production environment with standalone Tomcat BUT how can this be achieved in the IBM HttpServer / Websphere.
Surely somebody out there has setup 2 different web sites on the same server ?
Rufus by needing the application context (xxx) then a user wishing to get to a web site would have to put www.test.co.uk/xxx into the browser ? This is not very practical and it is like setting up Google to be www.google.co.uk/myapp ??
[ April 16, 2004: Message edited by: Davie Ali ]
19 years ago
I am having problems with the configuration of Websphere.
I am using IBM HttpServer and Webshere Application Server 5.

I think this should be really easy to do - I can do this when using Tomcat.
I want to setup 2 web sites. I have 2 application already running on Websphere Application Server.
I want to setup a url e.g. www.test.co.uk and have this "pointing" to my first application e.g. myapp1
I want to setup a url e.g. www.test2.co.uk and have this "pointing" to my second application e.g. myapp2
Can anybody help me with this?
Surely someone has setup 2 web sites on a system that uses the http server and the application server.
19 years ago
I do have a virtual host setup in the IBM HttpServer - however this might be where the problem is.
My IP Virtual host has a ServerName of www.test.co.uk (url which I am trying to access my application).
What should the DocumentRoot be set to ?
I tried a virtual host in the app server just to try to get it working - yes I have now kept my application under the default host in the app server.
I am updating the plug-in by using the websphere application console.
19 years ago
I don't see anything in the logs and the application does work on http://localhost:9080.
Do you need to setup a virtual host in both the Http Server and the Application Server ? I thought the plug-in took care of this ?
19 years ago
I get a 404 error (which is page not found) ?
19 years ago
I setup my application with the context as "/"
I created a new virtual host within the application server
I mapped the application to the new virtual host
I then updated the http plug-in
It did not work even with a reboot of the whole server
19 years ago
I gave this a try with the WAR application that I have and I still cannot get through to my application by just using the url
19 years ago
Thanks Kyle - does that work for a WAR file as well ?
[ April 14, 2004: Message edited by: Davie Ali ]
19 years ago
I have installed an application onto Websphere application server 5.0 and I can access it through http://ip address/appname (IBM Http Server) and also through http://ip address:9080/appname (App Server).
I want to access this application through a url e.g. http://www.myapp.co.uk.
I have tried setting a virtual host in IBM Http Server but I still need to put in the application name e.g. http://www.myapp.co.uk/appname. I want to access the application by just using the url (without the appname).
Can anyone help me with this?
19 years ago