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Recent posts by Graeme Byers

To mvn compile an Oracle JDBC program I put the JAR in my local repository :

Check and find :

Should I expect to find ojdbc6.jar in this directory ?


My POM :

Compile mvn compile :

9 years ago
Hi Peter, Thank you for your reply but I did what you suggest before posting.

Here is a listing of %path%

Here is a directory listing of C:\Program Files\curl-7.24.0

9 years ago
I have been following "Maven : The Definitive Guide" by Sonatype page 75 and so downloaded curl-7.24.0 for the example.
I noticed that there has been one previous question on curl in this forum and expect that others have run the example successfully.
What should I put in my WinXP-Pro path so that I don't get the error above ?

Thank you for any help.
9 years ago
The recommended way is to implement the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern (Alur "Core J2EE Patterns").
This author's complete example is spot on :
To understand it , begin with his batch driver DAOTest.

However he fails to implement correctly the far more important Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.
Notice how the business logic methods in his mymodel.UserForm class have an HttpServletRequest parameter.

You will need some knowledge of servlets and JSP but don't get too involved - the skills in demand are Spring and Hibernate.
9 years ago
Forgot to mention : %CLASSPATH% contains C:\ch-custom\simple-weather\target\classes
9 years ago
This may be a simple Java ClassNotFoundException rather than Maven but I can't spot it.

Thank you for any help.

I'm following 'Maven - The Definitive Guide' page 54.

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

9 years ago
Spring 3.1.0.RC1 : Can any one spot the error I making ? Thank you for any help.

9 years ago
Spring returns a BigDecimal for an Integer RDBMS Column

"Spring Recipes (covers Spring 3)" page 599 uses a Derby table named
Vehicle with a column : WHEEL INT.

On page 615 the JDBC method
is used with "SELECT * FROM VEHICLE" and within the iteration of the list of maps
there is this line :

All the above looks fine to me - a java.lang.Integer is returned.

But when I try using Oracle XE 11.2.0 table EMP column EMPNO NUMBER(4) a BigDecimal is returned.
(In oracle NUMBER allows both a precision and a scale).

What exactly is going on ? Thank you for any help.
9 years ago
Because I will be applying CSS to the XHTML part of the page many authors recommend prior validation for that reason.
10 years ago
Is it possible to prevent from flagging tags

as XHTML transitional errors ?

Thank you
10 years ago
I like the appearance of the thin rectangular box the <input> tag puts around fields , so much so that I use it with readonly in display pages.
However it makes my HTML more complicated. Are there other ways of achieving the same effect ?
Thank you.
When I double click on the icon for APage.html the <h1> is displayed in green - OK.
When I invoke APage.html from a servlet <h1> is displayed in black.
Where should I place my style sheet ?
Thank you for any help.

C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\HR\WEB-INF\View\APage.html :

C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\HR\WEB-INF\View\css\default.css :
Peter : I think Log4J is really for continuous monitoring and logging of events.
Bill's solution gives the same results and is simpler than the one I mentioned.
Thank you both.
10 years ago
When my Model catches an exception then re-throws it to the Controller which calls printStackTrace() , the Apache-Tomcat logs do not record where the Model had the problem . Can AT be configured to write printStackTrace() to the logs?
I know that I can put printStackTrace (PrintStream) into a String and log() that String (the String has all that I require) , but do I need to do this ?
Thank you.
10 years ago