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Hey folks I agree with jPly. If you read an ASCII file and write a binary file, what is the problem???. The Data class is meant to read a binary file. If you want to change it that's a different issue. But, they why would you change it. Any solid reasons!!!.
Its simple, you are given a program that reads binary file, and an ASCII file. To execute the program you can do two things :
1.) convert ASCII to binary.
2.) modify program to read ASCII.
What is your choice now??
Rahul sri
Hi All,
I am Rahul Sri2K3377. Sorry friends, I could not reply to my previous threads, as I was out of town and quiet busy.
Subject : How do you specify the permissions to the RMI Server at runtime.
Body :
Otherwise it seems very easy, that, you can create a policy file and specify your permissions and mention it at command line. But, here the problem is a bit different. Sun says that the examiner will not edit a single file. If that is the case, then how do give access to that IP (on which he chooses to run the server). Its okay that you can take the IP of that m/c as arg., but, how do you give that IP supplied at commandline the SocketPermission or FilePermission access before your server runs. If anybody has thought of it, please help me.