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Recent posts by Ibnul Haque

Have you consider using ANT. This is free and comes bundled with WSAD as well. See some tutorials and you would be amazed to see the accuracy and output. Most of the project out here is build with ANT.
16 years ago
Hello ,
I am trying to test portlet developemtn in WSAD 5.1.2 and failed to run the HelloWorld portlet. All the plugin is installed correctly, But I think the Redbook refers to WSAD5 so the inputs are different. The erros is when you try to run the application on server, Web Browser comes up but retursn Error 404: File not found.
Have any of you face anything similer or know any site to help with WSAD5.1.2 with Portlet developement.
16 years ago
If you do not know what is Websphere, don't bother !!! you are not missing anything !!!

On the serious note follow the following sites to get it going:

17 years ago
Hello All,
I would like to limit the size of the application log in Websphere 4.0. I know you can easily do it in WAS 5, but is there any easy way to achieve this in version 4?
17 years ago
Hello Nagaraju,
Does your connection need a log time to run?
If not then why bother a long time out value for the release of the connection. We got some settings like the following and it is highly used:
Min Pool Size = 1 connection
Max Pool Size = 50 Connections
Connection Timeout = 180 sec
Idle Timeout = 180 sec
Orphan Timeout = 180 sec
Statement Cache Size = 50 statements
These setting would released the unwanted connection pretty quickly.
Beware that each connection takes about 1Meg of resource, if you are running on a low performance machine, limit the max connection less than this.
17 years ago
I think the idea of separate jndi name and jmsqueue is a good one.
As for our case, we use a cluster MQ, when we create the queues and queue connection factory we need to do it in both places. This separation is needed for distributed J2EE paradigm.
17 years ago
The xml is not visible in the last post:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
< !DOCTYPE websphere-sa-config SYSTEM "$XMLConfigDTDLocation$$dsep$xmlconfig.dtd"<br /> >
< !websphere-sa-config>
< !node name="$node_name$" action="locate">
< !application-server name="$appsvr_name$" action="$action$">
< !/application-server>
< !/node>
< !/websphere-sa-config>
Take the ! mark off
17 years ago
Why do not have couple of scripts in the box where you are running the WAS.
I use XMLConfig scripts to locate and run them.
One script to initiate the process:

$EXEC_PATH/XMLConfig.sh -import /$WAS_HOME/yourInstDir/yourStartORStop.xml -adminNodeName $node_name -nameServiceHost $node_name -nameService
Port $yourport -substitute "node_name=$node_name;appsvr_name=$appsvr_name;action=start (or stop, I use the same script)"
Also have the xml file for the purpose:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
< !DOCTYPE websphere-sa-config SYSTEM "$XMLConfigDTDLocation$$dsep$xmlconfig.dtd">
<node name="$node_name$" action="locate">
<application-server name="$appsvr_name$" action="$action$">
Then you can easily ftp and call the first script to stop/start your app.
Real easy.
17 years ago
Go to the following place:
and read the document:
Redbook: Migrating to WebSphere V5.0: An End-to-End Migration Guide, SG24-6910-00
Have fun
17 years ago
Custom Registry is a safe option.
Configure the LDAP setting, switch on security on the global level.
Once that is done,
In your application build in the ant, add the following line for the application.xml
<security-role id="SecurityRole_1">
<description>SomeThing of your choice</description>
Then through the security console map the application role into
the ldap principle name and domain.
This is a way to implement the security without programmetic way.
17 years ago