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Recent posts by Bruno Souza

Hi Asif,

At that time I have used wurlf to generate the UI. It was a good option to implement a mobile web application at that time. Today, I'm not working with mobile app anymore. Do you know if the wurlf list is still current? And it's good to know that Ericson have developed a JSF kit to mobile development and have disponibilized it throught

Thanks for the news,
11 years ago
Hi Tim!

Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, I already looked at facelets, and it's seams to facilitate things by generating well formed XHTML, but there's another step to be taken, the conversion to the Mobile Profile, I'm looking if I can format the output to meet that profile.

Thanks again,
13 years ago
Hello all,

I'm trying to develop a new application that will have two interfaces, one the traditional web client for access on desktop computers and another for mobile devices (cell phones, pdas, ...) I have already searched the web and found some forums about the use of MyFaces WML RenderKit implementation, and saw some info on the ADF Faces WML Render Kit too, but it seams that noone have implemented. My question is: Has anybody developed a JSF application for mobile devices ? Can you share your experience on this topic ? Any advices ?

13 years ago

In the truth, the language that you use to build your web application (JSP, JSF, PHP,...) is converted to HTML by the server. But you can encode your response (the result of your client request) in another language as well, for example, you can encode your pages with JSF and use a JSF RenderKit to build WML output.
13 years ago

In Hibernate3 the packages names changed. Now it's "org.hibernate".
About hbm2java it's alredy there. Take a look at

I received the report yesterday. 52 questions correctly of 68.
My Score: 76%

XML web services standarts: 75%
SOAP 1.1 web services standards: 83
Describing/Publishing (wsdl / uddi): 71
JAX-RPC : 71
SOAP and XML Processing APIs (jaxp, jaxb, saaj) : 37
JAXR : 75
J2EE Web Services: 85
Security : 87
Developing Web Services: 83
General Design and Architecture : 100
Endpoint Design and Architecture: 80

I need more work on "SOAP and XML Processing APIs (jaxp, jaxb, saaj)", but I didn't have enought time to study this topic ...

Thanks to everyone at Javaranch for the feedback about the exam!

Let's go to the next Cert! IBM OOAD, IBM WebServices and OMG's OCUP.

Bruno Souza.

SCJP 1.2
16 years ago
Nick, where did you read about the 20% discount ? I will buy the voucher to take some IBM exams on next week ...

Thanks for your info.

16 years ago
Passed too!!!

From Brasilia, Brazil!

Thanks for all that helped with the feedback about the test!

Let's go to the beer!
Anyone knows if Sun publish how many questions where cancelled ? There are some typos in the test...
Doing some math:

68% Score - 119 questions

So, you can have made the wrong choice in 55 questions ....

If you think about the test ....

There are a lot of questions that I don't know the answer ...

I haven't studied enough about JAXR, JAXP and UDDI.

Let's see, I'm counting down the hours ....

The result will be divulged in: 11:38 (GMT-3)

Good Luck to everyone!
Thanks for the good news!
Like Nancy and Jack, I guess it will be 65%.
Hi All,
Got my voucher! Sun was very fast this time! Prometric test center does not open on sunday, so I have to take the exam on 04/June or 05/June.

Good Luck !
Thanks Lakshmi and Marc.
So I did not receive any feedback, it's not good, but do what ? It's free!!! I hope that I get prepared enought!
This is my first beta exam too. I want to know if after the exam we receive the report, like the normal exam, presenting the score on each area of the exam. Any one know ?
Bruno. :roll: