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Recent posts by Sri Gnana

also recheck with the function for proper space and error check
example give space between the condition in if statement

if(req.readyState == 1 || req.readyState == 2 || req.readyState == 3){

also check the id for From Date
is it "From Date" or without space "FromDate"

Follow the coding standards, then it is very easy work on and it is best practice.

If the "from date" field is not null then allow the user to select "to date", else show the alert or message "Please wait" or "from date yet to be loaded"...
Hi Sandy,
It looks like both the date functions are refering the same variable or same name object, just check it out, if not could you post your code here for reference.
Hi Aruna,
Regarding this check your other post for solution. All the best.
14 years ago
Check with your html text field names.

See the highlighted part
tr><td>Name<input type="text" name="name"></tr></tr>
<tr><td>Age<input type="text" name="age"></tr></tr>
<tr><td>Address<input type="text" name="address"></tr></tr>
<tr><td><input type="submit" name="submit"></tr></tr>

Actually you have to use "name" only, thats the tag to refer the name of the text field.
14 years ago

First do the Import then write the servlet as a function inside declaration and call that class from jsp.
14 years ago
Hi Friends...
Need to create Session ID manually. Like to know what the length i have to keep for security pupose...
16 years ago
Dear Friends,
I'm using the following in my jsp page
"jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};UID=;PWD=; SourceDB=D:\\Apache Software Foundation\\Tomcat 5.5\\webapps\\feter\\RRETURN6.DBF;SourceType=DBF;Exclusive=No;BackgroundFetch=Yes;Collate=Machine;Null=Yes;Deleted=Yes";

but getting the following exception:-
java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver does not support this function
I have downloaded the driver from
Can you help me out pls...

[ October 30, 2007: Message edited by: Sri Gnana ]
Dear Friends,
I want to use the session ID before the session timeout happens. So, how to find the session timeout and get the id for my storing purpose in jsp.
16 years ago
1st page

2nd page
String name = request.getParameter( "username" );
session.setAttribute( "theName", name );

3rd page
<%= session.getAttribute( "theName" ) %>
17 years ago
Education: Candidate should typically have a Computer science degree (BE /MCA)

Experience: 2 yrs and above

Job summary: The Software Engineer would be responsible for design, customization, installation, configuration and support as required from time to time. Would need to interact with the clients and partners as well.

Skills Required:
Good written and verbal communication skills
Strong in SDLC
Strong in the following
� Java
� Java Script
Good working knowledge of Oracle, SQL server.
Strong Knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol
Operating System - NT / 2000 server / Linux.
Should be a Smart team player


Candidates from banking IT / transaction processing / card management sectors are preferred
Knowledge or experience in WAP, WML, CSS are preferred.

mail your CV to :
Subject: Job Code: Java/J2EE-07/G

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[ January 18, 2007: Message edited by: Sri Gnana ]
17 years ago
Its better to use javascript.
First use the javascript to display the date in the dropdown menu. Then store the date in the session and retrieve it from the next page, now whrite the java script to diplay other 4 days date.
17 years ago
Check with the server path and file size.
17 years ago
Hi Bana
Dont you like humans love?
17 years ago