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Recent posts by Vishwa Bandhu

1. Are there any performance implications on how heavy(no of instance variables like vector ,hashmap etc) a SFSB is ?For instance one SFSB which uses VLH may have big resultset and other one is just holding shopping cart and still other is just holding say customer info .
My understanding is it would make differnece since during activation and passivation will need more resources .

I don't think this is of any significant issue unless we are talking of a huge object. In which case, there should be other alternatives to be thought of and a SFSB is a wrong choice for that.

2.In a scenario where I can take some stuff out of SFSB and use a seperate SLSB facade .Are there any advantages other than that it becomes more modular(i am seperating conversation stuff from non conversational) given that SFSB will anyway be there for the whole client session.

This depends on how effectively this can reduce any activation/passivation cylces on the SFSB.

3. In petstore WAF for search functionality they are not using Actions ...I guess the reason might be all other actions are passing through one entry which is SFSB .Had they used a SF VLH for search (behind main EJB controler)it might have made sense to include Search Function also in web command pattern impl.Is there any other reason of not doing so?

Petstore implementation is only for demoing the different patterns and not really optimized for the best case scenario.... I totally agree with your argument on this. I didn't find any argument supporting otherwise.
In my opinion, the State management for the java client depends on how the java client is connecting to the business tier. if the client connects directly to the business tier, I will prefer to have the sesion managed locally on the client and not on the server. But if the client connects to the business tier through a common web front, then I would prefer manage using the SFSB on the business tier.

Again there is no hard and fast rule, but need document clearly, your choice and why.

I remeber showing DTO's on both component and SD.

On SD, I showed individual JSP's or UI's. I had separate SD for both Agent and Customer perspective.

On CD, just listed the names in the note.

For documentation, I didnot follow any perticular guidelines. Just did my own.

I just showed only one ui element and when completing the sequence diagram, each individual jsp's are listed there. From the SD, I took all the jsp names and listed in the component diagram UML note.

Hope this helps you.

I didn't show any specific in the diagram on that front. But I did mentioned about it in my detailes description. The description includes what are the options available and why I would prefer one to another. Again mentioned clearly that in implementation for the same requires more information than provided so far and so leave it to the implementation time.
Hello Everyone,

I got my results and got a pass with 87%

Class Diagram 42/44
Componenet Diagram 34/44
Sequence Diagram 11/12

Don't know why I lost 10 points in Component diagram. I went with one diagram, seperated each tier, shown all patterns used. Followed the Pet store mostly, went with my own where I thought pet store doesn't make sense for myne.

I have gone throught the discossions in this form and found it very usefull. Thank you all.

If I understand the problem domain as stated, you have a model tiear that gets updated due to events in the plant and this need to be updated in 100s of terminal views....

I think this could be implemented as a Publish/Subscribe model with the business model publishing new events in the JMS Topic and the each terminals subscribe to the topic. You can have components in the terminal(applets or swing) to listen to the server.

You can refer to

for details on implementing a JMS Publish/Subscribe model.
I will be submitting by this weekend. Preparing my final documentation.

Thank you.
Do anybody want to share their success stories with this certification and any demand for the certified webservices developer out in the market?

I am new to webservices. Can anyone guide me it is worth taking the the certification without having real experience in the area.

Thank you.
Isn't that the XML parser is part of the J2SDK 1.4?
17 years ago
Can we use JAX-RPC in case we have to send XML-RPC request over HTTPS and get XML response back?
17 years ago
Is there any way to find out what is the WAN IP of the network from within the network? I mean, I am running a java program on my desktop, which is connected to a router, and can I find the Internet IP address for the network from the router...?
Thank you.
[ May 03, 2004: Message edited by: Chidananda Kakunje ]
17 years ago