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Recent posts by nikos sokaf

Hello ranchers!

Few day ago I was looking for some software on internet about better performance on mySQL and code development CASE tools. I found a lot!
All of these ware free...

Some software developers,made these tools , for themselves and for all software developers across this planet...

Anyway, an Open Source Project is better from any view!I don't post the reasons, we all know it!
Personally i am tired on registrations, bugs, non-free updates,viruses,windows etc...

Trying to finish my commercial project, for my job, i found something special! UNISERVER... (Google it)...The combination of PHP , Apache, MySQL server.Free, little-sized, Heavy Duty,Easy to work with it...

Some OPEN Source Funs, developers, specials each on his experience, developed this project...And there are more such of this...

After that, I started thinking of this...

Does anyone want to Join to an OPEN SOURCE project?
We can organize it, as well as get the experience of it.

Please post your thoughts, post your ideas, your joins here or on my mail

Hello Sanjaya!

Thank you for your time!

I found the problem,it was unbelievable!
A dll missing or written in the wrong path.
I copied in *Bin* directory and , everything is OK!
Thank you for your time , again!

The next generation is RMI,XML and their mature futere.Is a good way when you (or I) want to start thinking...
18 years ago
I think it depends from your system.
Java is absolutelly a *net* language, so java supports big systems.
Java takes the maximum ports and connection ability of your system and makes the connections.If your system can't have all these, the other connections fails.

This is the way you can destroy a server...

But, keep in mind that there is difficult to handle all these connections.You need code to handle connections that are not used.
You are trying to add an array of strings in a list...
Why you re making your life difficult?

Try this:

ArrayList a=new ArrayList();

for(int i=0;i<names.length;i++)
a.add(names[i].concat(new Integer(i).parseInt(i)));

If you wanna print your list try:

System.out.println(a); // You get the hole list
or try:

for (int i=0;i<a.size();i++)

This code is written on the fly, and not compiled, and maybe has a bug.But i think it is working.The philosophy is right.

18 years ago
Do you know how to support my custom web server to support Adobe Atmosphere type interactive 3-d content?Probably having the client installed on their system...

Can you help me?
Thank you!
18 years ago
I will post you some thoughts of me:
1)Opening a file with the proper application , on windows enviroment is a windows registry value...I don't know any good way how to set or get a windows-registry value in java code.So , This is the first problem you may have.
2)Some software opens the proper file using parametres.In that case you will need a Runtime.exec()method as follows...*;

class execInput {
public static void main(String Argv[]) {
try {
String ls_str;

Process ls_proc = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("/bin/ls -aFl");

// get its output (your input) stream

DataInputStream ls_in = new DataInputStream(

try {
while ((ls_str = ls_in.readLine()) != null) {
} catch (IOException e) {
} catch (IOException e1) {


By using this way , you will setup your Windows Explorer to open the filetypes with these parametres.

But i don't think that there is a java method that can handle your problem.If there is , please post it, it is interesting you know...
18 years ago
Hello Sanjaya,

I didn't understand you about the system variables?Can you explain me better?

Thank you for your time!
This is simple...
Go on DOWNLOAD.COM , search for freeware installers, and with one of them you can distribute (on Windows platform) your application including the JVM .You have to select the install package of JVM as the application to start running after your setup has finished.

Download one installer and read the tutorial , this is easy...
18 years ago
Try some of these:
1)JMF (Java Media Framework) on
3)SWF supports java

I think the first is the best way...
18 years ago
I suggest you to use some class of java.util.*; package.
for example ArrayList

You must have in mind that you can use a dynamic array to get and store
your data (remember pointers?) but you have to separate your records of text file with a
specific character or *nextline* mark.

But if you wanna put these values to the right columns, is your job...
I 've worked on a project that needed excacly the same thing.
I have developed a data migration api for my company, and i'm telling you , i had many problems.This code isn't pretty easy, so have courage if you're beginner on algorithm methods.

You need a dynamic array, and keep in mind the data-types...


18 years ago
Java Mail API.Look on and download it...

A few days ago i downloaded a little server written on C++ that supports .asp files without the IIS running on back door.

Does anyone knows how to make my server written in java, to support .asp files?
Is that possible?

Thanks for your time!
18 years ago
With a quick look at your problem i found this:
Does the Client sends another message to server on time that server waits for a message?
You didn't post the code of your client.
18 years ago
That was Helpfull!
Thank you for your post!