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Recent posts by Nobuhiro Watsuki

I cancelled my order after looking at the "24 hours" status for a week and bought it at the Donner bookstore in Rotterdam. to amazon. It feels like they have been saving on their backoffice a little too much.
Amazon is now in "Usually ships within 6 to 12 days" mode.
It was at 24 hours for a few days, which didn't lead to fullfilling my order.

It looks like Amazon is not what it used to be.
Today it's 24 hours at amazon.
I wonder why they haven't shipped it to me yet.
And it's back to ""Usually ships within 5 to 9 days" again...
There is hope at amazon.
Yesterday it said "Usually ships within 5 to 9 days".
Today it says "Usually ships within 4 to 7 days". :roll:
Thanks for the Blueprints tip, I am reading the book more seriously now.
I agree completely with your statement:
"Specifications are the main source of information. They are really good and very easy to understand."
18 years ago
Thanks and thanks for your notes Sathya.

SCMAD was the most fun preparing for of all the certifications I have done.
This is a bit of a conundrum (as Alan Greenspan would say) since it seems to be the least popular of all.
It can't be because there aren't any jobs:
61 on jobserve alone today:*&d=7&page=1&q=j2me&x=25&y=13&order=Rank&all=on&cbAllCountries=on&cb01=1&cid=0
18 years ago
question 2: C,E. MIDI is required. See page 34 of the JTWI spec.

question 4: I ran the code.
it doesn't compile because notifyDistroyed expects a boolean argument.
if you correct that and compile running it gives:

destroyApp threw an Exception
java.lang.SecurityException: MIDP lifecycle does not support system exit."

bar isn't sent to the console.
[ November 24, 2005: Message edited by: Nobuhiro Watsuki ]
Nice drag 'n drop technology Eduardo.
Just relax bro.
Speaking of symbian, check out this cool phone: click
18 years ago