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Recent posts by Kolley Kibber

Thank you very much for all your help.

I thought I'd let you all know which way we went. We decided to use Hibernate in the end, this took some convincing of the rather large DB team (Now a lot smaller due to our choice...).

After 3 months of working with Hibernate, we are happy that it can do all we need. The on-paper features that Toplink boasts over Hibernate (eg. multi-table one file mapping) are promised for hibernate 3.

I am now of the opinion that Toplink will become yet another sales driven technology (like Oracle? ) as Hibernate really does seem to have the ORM problem all sewn up.

A couple of other tips: The hibernate PDF docs are worth printing out. We bought a few books and all except Hibernate in Action just repeated what was already contained in the docs.

Thanks to all!
We're an Oracle (9i) shop and are currently weighting the advantages between Toplink, Hibernate and Oracle Objects.

The DBAs are keen to use Oracle Objects, which to us j2ee folk, looks very unpleasant indeed. We're currently divided between hibernate and toplink/jdo.

Myself I'm leaning on the Hibernate solution, mainly for it's huge support and momentum. We're currently doing a POC which should weed out which is most appropriate.

Does anybody else have experience with any of the above and 9i?
Hi, Could anybody describe the benefits of using Oracle Objects over JDBC (sqldata etc) vs Hibernate/Toplink?
Oracle are singing about Objects/JDBC but all their examples seem to use Toplink!
Many Thanks,