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Hao Zhang

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since May 10, 2004
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Recent posts by Hao Zhang

Because no jdk5.0 installed, I'm using EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.PooledExecutor for thread pooling. I know using Thread.join() can let main thread wait until that thread dies, but in PooledExecutor, how to do the same thing?
In the default module, I defined this:

I have some sub-modules, such as sysuser module, in struts-config-user.xml, I wrote this:

in tiles-defs-user.xml, I want to define a definition "userLayout" extend the definition "classicLayout" which is defined in tiles-defs.xml, but It doesn't work when I tried to forward to "userLayout" in user module.

I want to do this because several members will work on this project, and the central tiles-defs.xml will cause a lot of merge.

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15 years ago
Hi Rick, I saw in Struts-Example with struts 1.1, the validation.xml contains <field bundle="alternate" property="password" ... />, and it works. But indeed there should be no bundle property according to the DTD, why?
16 years ago
Same problem, I think it must be a bug of struts 1.1,
but I found JSPs in module can get the default resources, so I define common messages in struts-config.xml like this:

then in JSP use:

to retrive "mykey" message. besides, <bean:write> tag without bundle property specified can get module messages as well.
BTW, the validator plugin's standard messages can not be found anyway.
16 years ago