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Recent posts by Aruneesh Salhotra

It is a good idea to report the error in two hold manner.
User level error information, alongwith the admin level information.

I read it in one of the threads, and started implementing this while displaying the error information.
In your dataValues, r u also storing the rowNumber and the deletedFlag. I need to store them in order when FindByCriteria is called, I need to know the rowNumber in the DB file I am updating.
I am extending DefaultTableModel, to implement the JTable, to display the records.

I am setting data through the method. But it sets the cells with the value "ERROR". I am not sure why it is doing so.

public void addData(Vector[] dataValues) {
int length = 0;
if (dataValues != null)
length = dataValues.length;
int index = 0;
while (index < length) {
if (dataValues[index] != null) {
Vector row = new Vector();
for (int i = 1; i <= 7; i++) {


My assignment has the readRecord defined as.
// Reads a record from the file. Returns an array where each
// element is a record value.
public String [] readRecord(long recNo)

In the deleteFlag considered a record value. In the GUI I am building the data, and negating the deleted records, to show up.

Now looking at the specs, it appears the data is defined as

The database that URLyBird uses contains the following fields:

Hotel Name name (64) : The name of the hotel this vacancy record relates to City
location (64) : The location of this hotel
etc. etc.

It doesnt mention deleteFlag as being a part.

Can this be assumed ?
I think Modal Dialog must do the job. It blocks input to any other window.
Earlier I started off using the same, the only drawback is the fact that the messageDialog, doesnt wait, and it is displayed, and the code continues, ahead of the thread. It returns a void.

Moreover I was going to implement reason and a detailedReason for an error.
I think GUI is not limited to just search. It should be a functional GUI. I think the more information that is provided by the GUI to do tasks, is what would be required.

1. Ability to Property Changes, RMI and DB changes
2. Search, Update, Delete, Add record
3. Search Panel, Menu Bar, PopupMenu.
4. Clean interfaces, and information stored about last layout, and be able to survive a crash, and restore.
5. Action event, instead of ActionListener.

Any more features you have in your list.
I wonder how one can search by Combo box.
2 Text fields, with a Search button, should be the norm.

This works, or unless someone has a better reason/way.
I creating a error infrastructure, where on few errors, like critical I would display like a error Jframe, showing user-level reason, and admin-level reason in a multi-tabbed format.

I also have a OK button to be pressed after which the code would proceed.

I am having an issue. I am waiting for a flag to get set to true in a lock object.

Obj j = new Obj();
DisplayError error = new DisplayError(j,"Server throwed Error","RMI Server throwed exception\n" + e.toString());

DisplayError ....
public void waitForOk(Obj j)
synchronized (j)
while (!j.flag)
GUI and Data Store are sections that dont seem too important anyways. The locking and RMI are the critical parts of the whole app.

100% in locking and 100% in RMI is a pleasure to watch.
15 years ago
Every other day, I am changing my design, to include OO stuff and cleaning up stuff.
Your design seems good enough. Till the time, there is a OO involved, the design is good. Also MVC is good implementation for our examples, so your model does fit into the same.

Question, why dont u have a simple GUI for network server. It is only changing RMI port or DB file. Anything else, you are trying to achieve.
use eclipse to code or open your code/project in that. ctrl-shift-F does the job for you.
I am doing my assignment in java 1.5, for the features it provides, and also because I am not getting time to work on the assignment, so I could slip.

Any need to use generics if using java 1.5.
It is open ended, with no deadlines.
Just make sure you follow the java version deadline. 18 months.
I guess all the assignments disallow the command line arguments.