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unfortunately one of the girl started to follow the creature(girl) way!

Interesting.... can you tell us more about this girl following the creature???

Also, I highly recommend this book to your team:

a professor of management science at Stanford University, argues that assholes�those who deliberately make co-workers feel bad about themselves and who focus their aggression on the less powerful�poison the work environment, decrease productivity, induce qualified employees to quit and therefore are detrimental to businesses, regardless of their individual effectiveness. He also makes the solution plain: they have to go.

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16 years ago
Also it depends a lot on what kind of DBA you are.

I've seen many DBA's who're 50 years old making 50K - 60K per year and their jobs are merely assisting in data back-ups, recovery and password management, etc.

Also, there are other types of DBA's who're skilled in "architecting" very large OLAP data warehouse (over terabytes of data) and making over 200K per year.

It takes completely different skills set to efficiently design and maintain terabytes of data.

Also, the acronym "DBA" has two different meanings:
1. DataBase Administrator
2. DataBase Analyst

In my previous company, there were some folks who're developing Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures (it's really Programmer Analyst's job), but they were called DBA.
16 years ago

Does that mean its already too late for me?

Yes - if the H-1B quota has reached the cap and your OPT expires, you will have to return to your home country.

OPT has a grace period of four weeks or so and you have adjust your status by then.
17 years ago

How to go to work to USA?
Is it possible for me to go to work at USA for 1-2 years?

You need a valid work-related Visa unless you want to stay in the US in unlawful status.

What i have to do?

Contact an Indian body shopper who will take care of the paperworks for you (i.e., forging your resume and paystubs, etc.)

How much salary i will get for approximately?

$20,000 - $40,000 per year.

Because i want to practice my English over there

Enroll in an ESL program.
17 years ago

House rent - 400$

It will become more difficult for illegal aliens to rent an apartment.,1,5483446.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

For H-1B aliens, the only way to prove his/her maintenance of lawful status is by being paid at the wage specified in the LCA.
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17 years ago

I do not think you're in the 30% bracket, but more likely around the 16%

If it's 16%, then his annual salary is (2500 * 1.16 * 12) = $34,800 per year.

Does your employer provide Health/Dental Insurance ??

If not, what are you going to do when you get sick ?? Return to India ??

If your employer does not provide Insurance and other benefits, then in terms of the real income, this is comparable to $20,000 - $30,000 jobs in other normal US corporations.

And if so, how did your H-1B petition get approved ??

Under the H-1B laws, the alien must be paid at the prevailing wage. Otherwise, you become an illegal alien.
17 years ago

After that, what's next?

To find out whether you're an illegal alien or not, ask your employer to provide a copy of the LCA (Labor Condition Application).

Compare the wage specified in the LCA with the actual salary you are receiving.

If they refuse to give you a copy of LCA (as most Indian body shoppers would), then your employer is violating H-1B laws.

Under the H-1B laws, it must be placed in the company's Public Access File.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jesus Angeles:

As far as I know, being an illegal alien is being on a dead end. You can not get another valid visa like H1 if you are so.


If the aliens stay in the United States in illegal status and if they are caught, it's very difficult to get another Visa.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Luke Kolin:

Working on an H-1B for a contract agency does not in any way make you an illegal alien.


Working on an H-1B for a contract agency (a.k.a. "body shopper") is legal only if the employer (i.e., your contract agency) pays the wage specified in the LCA and in the H-1B petition continuously throughout the alien's period of employement.

For example, if your employer filed the H-1B petition with the annual salary of $72,000, then the alien must be paid at least $6,000 every month regardless of:

1. whether the alien is currently working on a contract or not
2. whether the hourly rate of the contract is $20 or $50 or $150

I've never heard of any body shoppers paying fixed salary to its aliens even when on bench.

Also, you don't know how much hourly rate the body shopper can charge on the clients until the alien actually come to the United States, does the interview with the clients and proves his worthiness.

Notice that these body shoppers file the H-1B petition even before the alien actually gets his first contract. If it turns out that the client only wants to pay only $30 per hour, then would the body shopper pay the alien $72,000 as specified in the LCA??

The H-1B program originally was not designed for contracting and staffing industries.
17 years ago

No bench money but till you get a project you will get free food ,a place to stay(though crowded) phone and internet free

Do not be fooled by free foods that they provide while you are on bench.

Under the H-1B laws, benching is strictly prohibited. Your employer must continuously pay you the salary indicated in the H-1B Labor Condition Application.

Otherwise, you become an illegal alien. If someone report you to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), you will be kicked out of the country.
17 years ago

I am a 2 year experienced person. Is it easy to get a decent Job as Java Programmer in USA as H1B candidate

It is almost impossible to get a regular full-time salaried job from a normal US corporation if:

1. You are currently in India and require H-1B visa
2. You do not have exceptional abilities or credentials

The only possible way is getting a contract job from an Indian body shoppers and joining the horde of illegal aliens in the United States.

What pay will i get?

Typically around $50,000 per year, but be aware that most Indian body shoppers do not provide health insurance and other benefits.

So your real income will be comparable to $30,000 - $40,000 jobs in other normal US corporations.
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17 years ago

Originally posted by alfred jones:

please guys post the recent certification costs here .

Please guys , help me to build up the list...

please help me to build a list

CPA $150.00 -- one of the most recognized certification.
17 years ago

he is only here to cricize h1b calling them illegal alien.
i dont know when h1b people became illegal.

Why are you asking questions like "How much is the pay?" and "How is the job market" ???

You mentioned that you already got your H-1B approved through a consulting company in the U.S. (I'm pretty much sure it's a body shopper - anyway it's your employer).

That means your employer already filed the LCA (Labor Condition Application) to the U.S. Department of Labor. This must specify your wage (e.g., $100,000 per year).

Your employer must pay you the wage specified in the LCA even if you cannot get a project to work on or you are on bench.

Otherwise, you become an illegal alien (and I'm pretty much sure you will - based on what you stated).
17 years ago

i just got my h1b visa stamping yesterday and i would like to know about the java job market in u.s

You have the H-1B Visa approved already through your employer in the U.S., which means you already have the job and your employer must pay you the wage specified in the LCA (Labor Condition Application).

Why are you asking questions about the job market when you already got the job in the U.S. ?

please please help

Not when you are an illegal alien.

its urgent

Call 911
17 years ago

Any one has any knowledge on how is Accenture ?
I heard lot of negative feedbacks from people based in India, how is it doing in US ?

Your current salary range: $55K - $60K

If you pass all the interviews, Accenture will offer you: $60K - $69K

Like I said before, Accenture is the one of those companies who will determine your starting salary based on your previous salary history (regardless of number of experience on your resume) - this is especially true because you are an alien.

I would be very surprised if they offer you $70K+ for base salary.
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17 years ago