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Recent posts by Daniel Beck

I need an explorer-like applet for ssh/scp. I googled for it, but were not able to find anythink like this. It has to be opensource.

All I found was JCsh. JCsh is a library for ssh2. I'm about to begin to develop a user interface for JCsh, but I would rather not to do so. I can not imagine nobody implemented something similar!

Therefore, I thought I ask here if someone knows from the existence of such a java application/applet before I begin this tedious task.
16 years ago
I saw that 3.1 "M" builds also begin to have rather good support for ant.

I have the following problem, when using ant. I would really appreciate a lot, if someone can help me !

The target "compile_tdl" calls "-compile_tdl_sub" a lot of times.
The matter is the following :"-compile_tdl_sub" does some intensive calculation that can take each time several hours. So I checked in "compile_tdl" if it's really necessary to compile. If not ,the property compile_tdl_grm_uptodate wont be set.
My Problem : Then I'm calling "-compile_tdl_sub" more as one time, once compile_tdl_grm_uptodate is set, it will be set for all the following calls, and everything will be compiled again, even if it unnecessary.
How can I change this ? Is it possible to "unset" compile_tdl_grm_uptodate

17 years ago
Hugh ? JavaScript ?
I do it for now so, that I use an xslt script to create a new ant-file on the fly - thought I don't think that this is beautifull. I would have liked to do it in ant, but I thing, this is not feasable.
18 years ago
Or better use xslt :-).
It's not so hard.
18 years ago

I have the following problem, and I don't know how to solve it elegantly in ant.

I need to pass to a JavaProgramm a list of strings, where each element of the lost has this form :
"grammar/xtdl/ne/${lang}/${lang}.spj" , where "lang" represents languages, and can have values like "de", "en" , "en_US", "it", and so on ...
Only the user knows how many elements to pass to that Java class.
And, I want the ant programm to be usuable. So the user of this ant programm should run ant like that:

ant install -Dlang=en:de:fr:cn
and I want the target to got call java de.util.SproutProjectToInstallPackage with argv="grammar/xtdl/en/en.spj grammar/xtdl/de/de.spj grammar/xtdl/fr/fr.spj grammar/xtdl/cn/cn.spj"
So my question:
How can I do that ?

18 years ago
3) oh, I wanted to write <xsl:for-each> in my sample. I didn't take care.

the comment template lloks like that :

and then... even then using <xsl:for-each>, and I don't know why, xslt is only extracting the first commentary from the input file under /project/file/

what I want to do is : extract all comments from an ant build-file (these are xml files), and create an html file with anotation for all ant-targets with anotation (thats why I need to extract the commentaries) from that xml document - a little bit like javadoc.
do you know what is wrong in this code ?
Oh, a book about XSLT, that's really something I could need now for my Work! So, my questions about the XSLT 2.0 Web Development book:
1) What does can XSLT2 do better as XSLT ?
2) are there processor ready for XSLT2 (under linux, since thats the only platform I'm using?)
3) Something else about xslt : I've got a Problem, when extracting commentaries from an xslt file. I don't know why, using : <xsl:select="task/comment()">
only extracts the first comment is under <task>. Why? And how can I change that ?

Yes, I solved it using the exec file, but I find that very ugly. Is it not possible to use <antcall>, and pass the parameters as Properties ?
18 years ago
Sorry, here the tutorial homepage again

18 years ago
using google, I found that one :

<a href="http://ant.apache.org/manual/index.html<a href="http://supportweb.cs.bham.ac.uk/documentation/tutorials/docsystem/build/tutorials/ant/ant.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Ant" target="_blank">http://ant.apache.org/manual/index.html[URL=http://supportweb.cs.bham.ac.uk/documentation/tutorials/docsystem/build/tutorials/ant/ant.html]Ant Tutorial

it looks quite nice. First read a little bit about it, and once you understand how it works(~1,2 weeks), you will be able to use the reference manual
Reference manual
18 years ago

I want to call a target from an other antfile (using <ant ...> , but I also want to add arguments to ant . (And I don't want to use exec).
So my Question
*Is there a way to call an ant target from an other build.file by using ant, and adding command line values to ant? *

I tried it that way, but it doesn't work.

I would like to call the target from the buildfile build.xml, with logging .
18 years ago