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Recent posts by Raj Poosarla

Good going..! Congratulations!
18 years ago
Thank you very much Bert! It feels nice to interact with the author of their favorite books...

BTW, I got my score report... I got 85%, just like I expected



SCJP1.4, SCBCD, SCWCD (Going on...)
[ September 21, 2004: Message edited by: Raj Poosarla ]
18 years ago
Hey Clovis,

It all depends on how many hours and how much effort you spent each day learning stuff that determines how many days a person needs to pass the test. If somebody is speding 4 hrs compared to 1hr per day, you can easily imagine who will give the test in the shortest time.

At the end, what matters is what you know... not somebody approving your skills... I feel that a certificate is just a ticket to get you through the entrance...!



18 years ago
Congratulations! Thats awesome!!!

BTW, how long did it take for you?



SCJP 1.4, SCBCD 1.3
18 years ago

At last, I completed SCBCD last week after about a month's of preparation. I couldn't see the score report, their system had some problem... still waiting for the report from prometric... Scored 72% in HF final mock exam and 91% in EJBCertificate final mock exam. So hoping to get more than 80%... I think I did well, after all I had read the HFEJB book twice!

Thanks for the authors of the HF book, it really helped clear lot of concepts. So now i'm planning to give SCWCD test by this year end, and already ordered HF JSP book

Few things to concentrate, before giving the exam, are EJB-QL, state diagrams of all beans, Message driven beans, Primary key class for entity beans etc. It's better to read the specification for complete understanding of them.

Thanks everyone,

18 years ago
Another point to note is that, a program using daemon thread will run to completion even if the daemon thread is still running, waiting or sleeping.

Here is an example to understand how it works:

class A extends Thread {
public void run() {
synchronized (this) {
try {wait();} catch (InterruptedException ie){}
public static void main(String[] args) {
A a1 = new A();
long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
System.out.print(System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime + ",");

Which is a possible result of attempting to compile and run the program?

a. The number printed is greater than or equal to 0
b. The synchronized block inside the run method is not necessary
c. Thread a1 waits forever and the program runs forever
d. Compile-time error
e. Run-time error
f. None of the above

Sol: The number printed is greater than or equal to 0 as the program will complete.

-Raj Poosarla


Success is sweet but secret is sweat
A Private contructor means that an instance of the class can be created only from within the class, not from outside the class.

In your case, as you are trying to create it from another class, the compiler complains.
Hi All,

Finally I got my certification yesterday with 72%.

Initially, I had planned it four years back, and at that time prepared for SCJP1.1. But as I was about to give, I found out that they upgraded certification to SCJP 1.2 and hence wanted to wait for sometime. Then, in the end, it never materilized.

Anyway, now I had to give the certification as it's a prereq for SCBCD certification which is my actual goal. I'm happy that I could get it over with about 20 days of preparation.

Apart from Sierra & Bates certification book, I found Dan Chisholm's 20 Question papers extremely useful -

Thanks for the support and for a wonderful website. It really helped me in preparing for the certification.

18 years ago