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Recent posts by John Lynn

Thanks once again to the good people here at javaranch... your tips and discussion helped greatly!
What I did to prepare: I started with the More Servlets book by Marty Hall, studying sort of part time, maybe 6 hours a week. Also I set up Tomcat 4 and played with the concepts.
About 2 or 3 weeks ago I kicked it into high gear - bought the ebook version of "SCWCD Exam Study Kit" by Hanumant Deshmukh ( and went through every chapter in great detail. I tried all the example code, did all the review questions at the end of each chapter, and finally took the 3 practice test in the included JWeb+ that comes with the book.
The SCWCD Exam Study kit is an *excellent* book to study from, very well written and presented. The JWeb+ practice tests were slightly easier than the actual test, but they are good to glue the concepts into your brain. It also includes a "last minute" Exam Quick Prep which I printed and reviewed in the car outside the testing center!
Thanks again to all; good luck to those persuing the SCWCD!
20 years ago
Thanks to all who helped here; I've been mostly lurking for many months :-) But the dialog between all of you folks has been great and taught me alot!
I messed up mostly on areas that I left 'til the end to really concentrate on; mostly IO, AWT, and the java.util stuff. Big mistake - I should've spent a lot more time on those! I spent a lot of time here and there studying for the past 8 months or so - I should've made it more of a rigorous routine!
For prep, I used JWhiz (bought the two-fer-one sale to get JWhiz and SCWDWhiz together), and also the Mughal book, and Eckel. Also used Marcus's site.
Thanks again to all! Now to see if Marilyn will let me back on the Cattle Drive after all this time!
20 years ago
Why would:

print out "2.0" instead of "2.6" ??
I started out with Textpad, which handled most stuff, but recently switched to Oracle JDeveloper 9i release candidate. It's a clear, simple and helpful IDE, excellent debugger, etc..
I still just use Textpad for most chores, though
20 years ago
I found this handy set of 4 science fiction-like sentances to help remember the java reserved words:
1. Abstract native try break default interface while byte finally throws
public case for do
2. super short volatile private synchronized this final return continue
throw long char
3. if long protected static continue float Boolean extends strictfp else
implements void instanceof int
4. const goto class catch new transient package import double protected
Task: Say 4b
Attempt: 7
Date: 01/23/02
Brain: Fried

Humor: in tact
Status: updated
Encouragement: hang in there!

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20 years ago
Apache works fine for me on Windows 2000 Server. But if I were going to experiment with JSP and servlets I think I'd look into using Jakarta Tomcat 3.3 on IIS (the web server that comes with Windows 2000). Check out Tomcat documentation at:
and in particular the Tomcat IIS Howto at:
21 years ago
Well, for a pretty good explanation, check out:
I mean, I could copy and paste here, but it's probably better to look there!
Then go see Han's Top 10 JSP tips! It's located at:
Good luck.
21 years ago

Assignment: Java-2 EvenOrOdd
Attempt: 1
21 years ago
Thanks! But uh-oh.. I (finally) got around to re-locating my first submission of good ol' Hundred 1-A and what?! Now I have to pay? Is this true, or am I still considered "previously started"?
I don't mean to veer off, but sometimes work and family can be a pain... I'll submit my Hundred 1-A and see what happens I guess..
21 years ago
I started on the cattle drive, did the fist couple of assignments (like maybe up to "Hundred" 1b?) and then had to go away for a month. When I came back, I see that my mentor has become unresponsive (no replies at all).
Should I start over?
21 years ago
You perform a "cast" on it, like this:
float x;
int y;
y = (int)x;
Note that you could possibly lose information doing this, because a float is bigger than an int...
In fact, if "x" in the example above was originally 100.3D, after the cast it becomes just 100 without the fractional portion.
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[This message has been edited by John Lynn (edited April 03, 2001).]
21 years ago
I just downloaded Forte for Java Community Edition 2.0 -- oooo sweet! I am running it on an 800Mhz w/512M RDRAM, though. It's a pleasure to work with in this environment...
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