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paul wheaton

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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

As far as I know it is still going on.  Did you write to the nitpicker email address?
4 weeks ago

I have alerted the book promo peeps.   If you don't get an excellent answer in the next 48 hours, reply to this email and I'll see what else I can figure out.

2 months ago
In this particular branch of publishing, I recorded a podcast with a self pub author.  He had two books out:  A and B.   A had 20 times the sales of B.   Sales were rock solid steady year round.  And then A was pirated - sales of A dropped to about half that of B, and again, they are both steady at that rate.  

This particular author said, in the podcast, he can't put out another book because all the editors, graphic artists and layout people won't do their jobs unless they are paid in advance.  And he can't afford the risk of paying them and never getting that money back.   So this six new books he was working on have been shelved.  And it is my opinion that his work is genius.  

Maybe in the world of software engineering publishing the sales lost to piracy are negligible.   But the same cannot be said for all books.

So not only do I have a position that is different from yours, but even if I shared your position, I would not get enough air time to say anything.  "If somebody bought by book on your site would they just get the pdf?"  "Yes."  "No thanks."  

The authors are okay with kindle.  The user can view it online, or download the book - but doesn't get a file they can share.  


So I am asking here to look for actual software engineering solutions.  

I guess I thought there would be a service called Bindle.  And they would offer apps on a bunch of platforms.  And they would have an API.  I would pay them something like $400 per year and I could say "for this PDF, I want it to only appear on my website.   And allow the user to download, but only in a format readable by the Bindle offline reader."  

3 months ago

Tim Holloway wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:
How do you figure?

Because you want offline reading but not a download.

I want the same thing that comes with kindle.  Offline reading plus the ability to download in a format that is not a quick copy thing.  

I have three authors I want to work with and they are willing, but only if I can over this.

3 months ago

Tim Holloway wrote:You seem to want to have your cake and eat it too.

How do you figure?

I want to find a service.   I am hopeful that the service will give me these tools.  It seems like a reasonable thing.

In fact I have a business transaction with an author and we planned to do the transaction using the amazon tools.  And when the time came to do it, amazon changed things so that that would no longer work.   And yet, all the other people put up their money for it.    What I am asking for would solve the problem.  

3 months ago
I have friends that are authors.   I want to offer my own sort of "library and ebook store".  I would like people to be able to buy an ebook and be able to view it in a browser, or offline in a kindle-like app.  But without piracy issues.

My guess is that somewhere there is a service where I can pay something like $400 per year and I upload the ebooks to the service.  Kinda like youtube or vimeo.   And then I can embed the book on my site.   And toggle on the ability for the user to view the book later, off-line, through the special app.  

The important thing is that at no time does the user get a PDF or mobi file.  

Is there such a service?

Might there be another approach?

Another way of looking at this is:  my friend, Tom, has 8 books he would like me to offer in this bookstore.  But he won't do it unless there can be some sort of security.  And I think nearly everybody will be frustrated unless they can view books offline.   He gladly offers his books on kindle and some other web sites that do this.  I am guessing that there is a quick plug and play that will allow me to do it to, but it seems my google-foo is weak on this one.

And ideas?

3 months ago
Two software engineers write a book on how to save the world!

To see all the details


6 months ago
The building our server was in lost power for 20 minutes.  Apparently, something wasn't on backup power.

6 months ago
We took that away a few years ago with the idea that we were going to implement some changes to our software.  
9 months ago
Maybe if a user requests that their thread be marked as resolved, it notifies the staff to come mark it as resolved?
9 months ago
The ability to downvote is only for people that have PIE.  So it would seem to be a limited group of people.
9 months ago