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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs. And here is all the paul wheaton stuff.
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We recorded a permaculture design course here a couple of years ago. And here is the information about future courses.
Here's the paul wheaton permaculture podcast.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

Long before I created CodeRanch, I grew a garden, became obsessed with gardening, and then took a master gardener course.  Years passed and I became bonkers about permaculture and felt a powerful need to have a master gardener course that cut out the required toxic gick in the course and replaced it with cool permaculture and organic stuff.  Presto!  I hosted a very excellent

   Garden Master Course!

We recorded it and soon we will host a

The kickstarter preview page is up,  Please take a moment to click on the "notify me on launch" thing-a-ma-bob

1 week ago
why is this in "ranch office"
2 months ago
First, my impression is that they are totally legal outdoors anywhere but san francisco.  Kinda falls under some sort of outdoor BBQ cookout stuff.  

Next, there are a lot of places that don't care.  Generally wherever you can still put in a conventional wood stove.

Next, rocket mass heaters are getting more and more stuff in building codes and insurance companies.

Most of all:  please look at the video.  Get some stuff in your head about what are rocket mass heaters.
4 months ago
I suppose you could hire somebody as a consultant.
4 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Which countries are rocket mass heaters conformant to building regulations in?

Quite a few.  And growing.  

Of course, I think people should treat rocket mass heaters just like they did pot.  Be perfectly obedient to the government.  It doesn't matter that it solves climate change, or that it saves you thousands of dollars while keeping your house even warmer.  Do not build one until the government says it is okay - just like how nobody touched pot until the government said it was okay.  

In some places it is classified as a masonry heater.  In others, the building codes recognize rocket mass heaters.  

BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS: to get your head wrapped around what it is and how they work.  At least as much brain space as you have for a nuclear reactor.  After all, you have a pretty good idea how those work even though they are not in your building regulations.
4 months ago

Tushar Kapila wrote:this is the product that the movie is based on? i backed the project, good luck. Will learn more about this. many people in rural India still use wood. i wonder if they will benefit

-Tushar Kapila


The video features a rocket oven.  It uses similar tech to a rocket mass heater.
4 months ago

I'm Paul Wheaton and I own CodeRanch.  So I am abusing my power to post this to MD in the hopes that you will check out my kickstarter and maybe give ten seconds of thought to understanding this type of heat - and maybe throw a dollar my way.

4 months ago
Maybe.  If I do, it would probably take me a good three hours just to find it.
6 months ago
Can you tell me the date of the email that was sent to you and the date that you replied?
6 months ago
Can you give me an idea of how long ago you sent your email?
9 months ago
Okay, I see it now.  

And of our staff devs see how it can be mended in the code?
1 year ago
1 year ago

1 year ago
I've been out for a week and am now catching up.

Please help me to understand the issue.
1 year ago