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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

We got funded in 18 hours!   And have since blown past four stretch goals!  Woohoo!

4 days ago
I have a 4-dvd set called "Wood Burning Stoves 2.0" - on DVD4 we make something to compete with a turkey cooker.  And then a blacksmith stops by and says "I think that would work as a forge.  So, in the video is the turkey cooker competition (rocket wins) and then about 20 minutes of using it like a forge.

And then Erica made plans:

Does this help?
2 weeks ago
Maybe a mockup of this thread?  Maybe a mockup of a forum page?
4 weeks ago
for me, I can hit the home button. Not sure if that works for everybody.
1 month ago

Piet Souris wrote:Given the strange outcomes last month: I wonder what criteria this 'gir bot' applies. Is that knowledge classified? If not, can someone in the know explain?

Strange outcomes?

For the staff, each time the staff uses certain tools, they get some points.  Some tools give more points than others.  If somebody doesn't activate some of these tools once in a while, the site kinda goes to dust.  So this is a tiny way to say "thanks!"

As for non-staff ....  I'm not sure.   I think a person gets a point for writing a post.   I think a person gets something like 10 points for writing a post that has a certain number of images or videos embedded in it.  I think a person gets a point for receiving a thumbs up, and for giving a thumbs up.   I think it is 10 points for receiving or giving a cow. 

I think there is some correlation with the scavenger hunt - have you fiddled with the scavenger hunt?

2 months ago
Late last night we got a note from the publisher that a person has been sick AND that the book should be going out today.

I am hopeful that the folks involved in this will realize their boo-boo collection (i see at least two dropped balls here - maybe there) and do things to make it right. 
2 months ago
I know I have seen a lot of back chatter on this.  A lot of "I am contacting the publisher .... our previous contact has apparently been shot in the head (or fired or quit or whatever - it doesn't matter) which is why they were not responding to our emails ...  so we got in touch with somebody else that says that they will get us a new contact ..."

I kinda feel like this whole thing should have:

A: never had any sort of delay - because the publishing company is a group of professionals

B: when a problem is discovered, the publishing company would have been so upset about this rare oversight that they repaired the problem in two hours and posted to this thread about how sorry they are and all the things they will do to make it right. 

So I have a watch set up on this thread, and I thought I would see everything getting sorted really fast.   It just now occurred to me to check up on this thread and I see nothing new. 

Is it all resolved?  Is this still open?

2 months ago

Piet Souris wrote:I see, I had no idea about this.

So, is it possible that, some month in the future, Norm, or for that matter me, will be a Ranch Foreman at Looking forward to it!

The labels at are a little different - but the idea is very similar!

3 months ago
Coderanch has a sister site, of sorts, at   As you might guess, there is a private forum here on coderanch that only staff can see.   And sometimes the staff from permies comes over to coderanch and participates in discussion about features and policies and stuff. 

The monthly scores are based on about 50 different staff tasks.  Including giving cows and receiving cows.  I guess that these two people have done enough in that space while being extremely active on coderanch that their scores made it onto the staff promotion list!  Wacky!
3 months ago
Tim said he is gonna sort this all out - it sounds like he is offline-ish until tomorrow.
3 months ago
I have emailed the staff that manage the book promotions.  If you don't receive an excellent response in 48 hours, please reply to this thread again.

3 months ago
Can you direct me to the thread for the promotion?

Can you give me some more details about how it went down?
3 months ago
The old version?  The old look and feel?  That's still around?
3 months ago