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since Dec 14, 1998
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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs. And here is all the paul wheaton stuff.
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We recorded a permaculture design course here a couple of years ago. And here is the information about future courses.
Here's the paul wheaton permaculture podcast.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

My high horse is named Steve.  Steve is great.  Steve is so very funny.  Although Steve can say some mean things about certain people.   And when people tell me to get off my high horse, I say "no thank you" and Steve says they are rude for telling me what to do.

1 month ago
I have a brand new kickstarter and I hope you will, at the very least, take a look!  I think the video turned out fun - and is only two minutes long.

       click here!

       click here!

3 months ago

Joseph Michael wrote:Knute Snortum, i saw you have removed the code given by Andrian. Although the user may provide a code from his side. we shouldn't stop anothers in posting the code and helping them out. Please re-think.


I, and I alone, will decide the rules, policies and "shoulds" of this site.  Please re-think.

If you learn how and why we do things now, you are welcome to make suggestions in the future.  

3 months ago

Lucian Maly wrote:Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but i did not want to open a new one to ask the same question.

I don't have that option in my profile. What could be the reason, please?

You don't have the bumper stickers stuff in your profile?
3 months ago

Michelle Reasor wrote:I like the idea of the banner ads, but I do not have graphic art skills. Do you have someone that can make the banner ads?

Most people give fiverr a try - but we can do something for, say, a hundred smackers.   Or, maybe you can describe your biz in this thread, complete with a link to your stuff and somebody here will whip something out for you just for giggles.

3 months ago
Right now, the stars have aligned so that the filler advertising we offer here on coderanch is king.  

Most people that get advertising want instant gratification, so they pay a steep premium.  And then there are people that are okay with a slower pace, so they pay much less.   Basically, our system is weighted.   Ads with a weight of 10 appear ten times more often than ads with a weight of 1.  And ads with a weight of 100 appear a hundred times more often.   But when the heavily weighted ads are all done, the low weight ads show 100% of the time.  

Another thing:  many advertisers focus on banners.  But ad block stuff blocks that.  And for what gets through, people are used to ignoring it.  So the time came to think of something creative.  We came up with a series of experiments called "Devious Experiment 1" and "Devious Experiment 2" - aka DX1 and DX2.   As time passed, we eventually came up with DX5.  You might know them better as "tiny ads".   At the bottom of every thread is "a silly line" pointing out that the next line is a tiny ad.   A few examples include:

Water proof donuts! Eat them while reading this tiny ad:

Of course, I found a very beautiful couch. Definitely. And this tiny ad:

Can't .... do .... plaid .... So I did this tiny ad instead:

It's exactly the same and completely different as this tiny ad:

Don't listen to Steve. Just read this tiny ad:

There are two ways to have DX5.  Direct to your site, or as part of thread boost.   We wish to strongly encourage the use of thread boost so we offer deep discounts for it.   The general idea is that you create a thread in the "Blatant Advertising" forum and then click on the huge button at the bottom that says "Boost This Thread!".   You will see oodles of options including DX5.   To get all the best discounts you would want 4 million impressions of DX5 "filler" ($1000).  That will qualify you for the 20% quantity discount at the bottom.   A recent test of this feature suggests that 4 million impressions of DX5 would result in 17,040 views of a thread.  To sum up:

     $800 worth of DX5 gives you 17,040 views

Over at our sister site ( we have been running a row of five 150x150 ads across the top.   And something similar down the left edge.  The results have been quite good!   So we set something like that up here with all the ads directing to internal resources.  And then we mixed in one commercial ad for an advertiser.   The results were amazing!  

Unfortunately, these ads cannot be put in in a "self serve" manner, but must be done manually at this time.   And to qualify for running the banners to get a "filler" discount, you must run at least 20 million impressions.  Skipping past all the math, the bottom line is that for the banners directed to a thread

     $2100 worth of 150x150 gives you 146,066 views

As always, we encourage you to create threads in the blatant advertising forum at no charge.  As long as it is on topic and doesn't sound like spam.   Feel free to embed lots of images and video.  And, maybe click on the "Boost This Thread!" button at the bottom just to look at the options.  

If you want to get DX5 that goes directly to your site (instead of a thread) click here.

For more general information about advertising here, click here.

For more information and discussion of thread boost click here.

If you want to have a go at the 150x150 banners, please attach your banner to a reply on this thread along with a link to your thread and we'll go from there.  

Any questions?
3 months ago

Paul Clapham wrote:That's an interesting-looking bunch of instructors you had!

My peeps.  Half of them are authors!
4 months ago
I am thoroughly abusing my ownership of this site.  But, by posting this in the "meaningless drivel" forum, I hope I get a little bit of license to get away with it.  

I had a permaculture design course event at my house and videoed the whole thing.   And we had a lot of excellent instructors come out and participate.

Anybody here even remotely interested in permaculture?

4 months ago
I created these forums because I wanted a place to discuss software engineering.    In a large part because wherever I worked, people did NOT want to discuss software engineering.   They wanted to beat on their keyboards and get paid.  

Later, stackoverflow showed up and it facilitated the people that wanted to beat on their keyboards and get paid.   Put the error code in google, go to stack overflow and see what you do to MAKE IT GO!

I worked a contract and had a little note to myself in my cube.   It was the number "671".   I needed to move an API from a server onto a mobile device.   I ended up just rewriting the whole API.  My API was 671 times smaller.  As an added bonus, it was about a hundred times faster.   The others in the office didn't seem to care.  Management didn't care.  But the people here did care.  

I feel like this is a group of people that wish to deeply understand what "good" means to them.  To be able to be the superstar engineer because of an understanding of how to write magnificent code.  Code that is lean and easy to understand.  
After this ability comes triple pay from the people that just beat on their keyboards and get paid.  

4 months ago

But I like to think that these forums are for perennial discussion of software engineering.  With the best threads being about what makes for a good linked list, or an excellent hashing algorithm.   Maybe the value of refactoring, or the definition of a pattern.  A 40 page long thread about how awful ORM is would be an excellent perennial discussion!  

4 months ago
Just to be clear:  waking old threads is encouraged.

4 months ago
Here is my TED talk that kinda got it started:

REALLY saving energy: Paul Wheaton at TEDxWhitefish

4 months ago