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Nuts about permaculture. Have helped a fair bit with the engineering/innovation of rocket stoves. Have built a lot of raised garden beds. I have a controversial position on light bulbs. And here is all the paul wheaton stuff.
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We recorded a permaculture design course here a couple of years ago. And here is the information about future courses.
Here's the paul wheaton permaculture podcast. paul wheaton ted talk and paul wheaton presentation
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

I like the idea of adding more features to the PIE stuff.  But first I need to understand the idea.
3 months ago

Ron McLeod wrote:Doesn't Paypal let you make one-time payments using a credit card?

It used to.
4 months ago
Zelle:  I tried it for a bit and then one day I got locked out of ALL of my bank stuff for about five days.  When I tried to call my bank to find out why i was locked out, they spoke to me as if I was a criminal and would tell me nothing.  When it came back, i called again and was told it was a bug in their system that was triggered by zelle.

4 months ago
a link would be handy.

And here is a handy link for you:

4 months ago