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Recent posts by Siraj Shaik

I am curious to know, how beneficial are STRUTS for a portal architecture e.g, WebSphere Portal or any other vendor? How do they fit in together? I know about STRUTS Portlets but it is just develop and deploy STRUTS application as a portlet, which ofcourse can be done on a regular J2EE server. Is there a real advantage to using STRUTS in Portal tools, When and Why?

If John Carnell or any body can respond, I appraciate it.
18 years ago
I would go with 55% same as SCMAD, 'cos I feel both the technologies are in the same boat as far as their acceptance and usage is concerned. With only portions of Webservices in better use than actual webservices as a whole.
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Well, its in beta phase right now. Probably you will see it on SUN web site towards the end of JULY.
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Thank you Evelyn!
So a month from now, I'll be either or
and start preparing again
I am deeply interested in Grid Computing, but only certification I know of is IBMs "Grid Computing - Technical Sales".

Does any body know any other certification(s) in this area?
If you are , then First read Ch 6 of RMH, and then read Ch 14 of JWS tutorial (~equivalent to Ch 16 thru 19 in RMH). You need to know what UDDI is to understand Ch 14.

RMH Ch6,7,8 are must.

Think, you have a data structure called UDDI, now you need an API to access it (JAXR). Understand the architectural importance of UDDI in SOA/WS, then you will

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With the new certifications (SCDJWS, SCMAD, SCBCD), I beleive SUN covered the JAVA Technology completely.

So are we at a stagnation for 2 to 3 years to come? I know new versions will be there but any new technologies in the offing?

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Good thinkin Chen I am planning on getting there(Architect) myself, but
isn't it more demanding to be good at two technologies at the same time? Are you planning consulting projects or corporate jobs? If corporate - you are pretty much stuck with one technology, isn't it?
So I am trying to master J2EE as much as possible and would like to broaden my horizons if I get a chance.
Me too I am going for SCBCD on 7/31/2004. I have Couple more IBM tests this month.

Do you work on both .Net and J2EE, I am curious? How does this skill set beneficial? what is your motivation?
I appeared yesterday...and these are my observations:-

How would you rate the exam..?
Medium to tough.

Howz the quality of exam..?

what would be the passing percentage..?
55 - 60

How are ur chances of clearing up the xam..?
medium to high.