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Recent posts by Kalpesh Soni

This is like saying, sitting in a classroom in medical school is useless because they are not showing how to do operations there!

Certifications make sure you read the chapter on files and threads and nio and lambda properly. Which you many not do otherwise

OK but it gets tricky when you have components that are singleton and components that are not

Any "Strategy" of how they can work well with each other?
4 years ago
By default when I use @Component annotation spring creates only singleton object?

Are there design patterns that go beyond a mickey mouse example that I can use where I can have objects with state?
4 years ago

Eswar Nec wrote:Hi Preethi,

In your project use Tomcat server,

1. Just click Service in netbeans -> open Tomcat - Right click the project - Choose undeploy option

In your project use glassfish server

1. Just click Service in netbeans -> open GlassFisf - Right click the project - Choose undeploy option

9 years ago
This is how I solved it

I use createEjbContainer api without passing properties

look for your temp folder, it creates a glassfish 3 temp domain there

checkin that folder structure under src/test/resources/gfv3

this is what i have

Then you can edit domain.xml add datasources there

then use code to test ejb

I used glassfish v3, maven, oracle db

and test

this is how the config looks

good luck

I was reading some article and someone said A | B, A ^ B, A ^ B swaps variables without tempraroay 3rd var

but it doesnt, you have to use 3 XORs

Ryan Asleson wrote: This way, each DAO can just get its own Connection using our custom connection factory, without having to rely on something that was passed in.

If you use datasources, jee server would "know" and manage transactions for you

if you use DriverManager api, the container wont know that you are creating a connection and it wont enlist/manage those connections

something lot of people forget and run into trouble
if you find maven learning curve too steep

you could use ANT with ivy
11 years ago
Welcome Sean!
12 years ago