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Recent posts by Jacob Pressures

Hi, It is not my intentions to insult anyone or Java. I have a new job offer and they are sending me to 2 months training on Java. I'm familiar with C#. I'm not a well experienced programmer. I still consider myself entry level but I'm familiar with the N-tier architecture, design patterns, web services, etc. I've just not done a lot of coding.

Over the last few days, I've been watching some videos on Lynda.com to learn and get a primer on Java. I feel that Java is like C# but very primitive. If I'm trying to build a house, i feel i have to dig a hole, collect some dirt, make cement and make my own bricks. When I get finished, i have a nice house, but... i can still see and feel. the grit in the walls and when i'm sitting on floor. Have i left a nice home and gone back to Africa?

It seems like a long way around to do basic stuff. Creating java beans to do CRUD operations in a database? Really? StringBuilder was a bit off putting that pales in relation to some stuff.

Is there a bright spot? I'm moving on to web services tomorrow to try to get a good grasp of that. But... just when i start getting interested in something, i feel i'm thrown a curve ball.

I want to see the beauty in Java. I'm wondering if i will come to love the language from writing more programs in it or what. I would hate for my company to spend 2 months training me in Java and I end up hating the language.

Why is Java so popular? Why hasn't it been replaced? Is it all politics against Microsoft? Or price issues? Can a person love Java coming from C#?

Thanks guys. Please give me some advice.
6 years ago
Do i have to know and understand Java to benefit from this book? Will it be hard to use? I'm a VB programmer

Applying Uml And Patterns: An Introduction To Object-oriented Analysis And Design And Iterative Development by Craig Larman
A lot of people like UML 2 for dummies. It seems quite easy but i've not read it extensively yet. A lot of people recommend UML Distilled but i don't like the book. it is good for the first few chapters but in my opinion it is only good for people already familar with previous UML Standards.

As for me I'm more into .Net right now than Java. If you need a beginners book on that i will suggest one it has a good intro to OOP with UML.

Basically i've read that you don't have to know a ton of UML to use it just some basics they say. But i'm new to this also.
Thanks for the information Junilu and Viki!

Do you know anything about OMG's UML fundamentals exam?

I just bought UML Distilled and learned something about Patterns so that will be my next step and i guess a step towards IBM 486 eventually.

thanks guys. Now i need to find out what people's opinions are about OMG's UML exam.
Ok, guys i've been looking on google and found that OMG has a UML Fundamentals Exam does anyone know anything about it or can recommend a book for it? Thanks!
Hello guys, I just learned about the IBM 486 OOAD Exam for UML yesterday and have been looking for help ever since. I would like to take this exam. I bought the book An Introduction to OOP with VB.NET. it has some UML in it. I also bought UML 2 for Dummies which I have not read yet.

I plan to use UML when I create this new application for my job. I�m not really a programmer yet, but I�m using my skills on this job with hopes that it will land me a programming position in the future (near future, I hope). Can I learn all the UML that I need to know and understand for the exam within say 6 mos? I�m new to programming and to UML. I guess I will buy UML Distilled and read it. I just don�t want to spend a lot of time doing this if it is beyond my ability with my lack of experience. I could be using the time better by studying VB.NET if it will take me more than a year to learn UML. However I think UML would help me be more well-rounded as I move towards OOP. I like UML and im sure that would be impressive but an employeer would rather I be a good programmer too. I�m just trying to find some skills that can complement my lack of knowledge. My hope is that by demonstrating a well-rounded and balanced foundation I will look impressive to an employer looking to hire for an entry level position.

I have A+ and CIW Associate certs. IBM 486 would be a step in the right direction I think and would show that I�m quite well-rounded but would hopefully let the employer know I�m a high achiever. My ultimate goal is MCAD or MCSD.

Do you think i need more experience to pass the UML exam than developing one application? It is pretty involved actually but not too detailed. Just a few basic database connections and multimedia things. Will reading a book or 2 do?

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