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Clint Felix

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since Jun 07, 2004
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Recent posts by Clint Felix

6.5 yrs ~ 10 lakhs
17 years ago
Salaries and work is good in TIBCO,free hand give in most profiles.

As far as the interview process, expect stringent and tiring and many rounds of technical interviews.
17 years ago
its good, no onsite though
17 years ago
I read some guys in the thread saying "Glotech/SmartStream " is a great company ! lol
Guys ive spend quite some time in that place ... and i would not even refer an enemy there :-d
18 years ago
tech leads is atos get @ 8+ lk pa
they have nice projects ..mostly PNG is a big client
not much onsite opp though
18 years ago
Do designations reflect a persons current profile
One of my friend, working for a mnc is a
Senior Member of Technical Staff
another peer is working as a Team Lead elsewhere
both have same years of exp

Which of the 2 holds more face value in the market

Not getting into projects worked, skill set etc
i'm talking more in terms of first impressions when someone screens your resume.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Anurag G:
hii frnds
i want the names of any IT firms in Pune which are hiring computer science freshers salary - Decent

[ June 04, 2005: Message edited by: Anurag G ]

18 years ago
Intigma as into the same domain Zycus Inc in Bombay was into
basically content classification etc
They were really doing bad and were about to shut down some years back .
no idea bt now though.
18 years ago

Originally posted by vasu maj:
I have read here somewhere about the website that was designed by one of the ranchers which compiles jobs from all major job search boards. I found it to be really good and useful. Does someone remember the name of the site?

[ May 24, 2005: Message edited by: vasu maj ]

dunno abt any website
Sure know that a company in Bombay called Zycus has a product called EzeePost does the same work.. scrapes jobs from other sites and dumps it in a nice formatted way .. basically perl script engine overly using reg ex
18 years ago
Persistent i've heard is good ..
TIBCO has also set shop in pune
18 years ago
Ya that has to be Zycus the one in nirlon complex :-)
I used to work there 3 yrs back
It was good then .. had a lovely classification patented product called Autoclass
Arjun u ever worked there ?
18 years ago
Yeah .. a lot of conf calls are late nite .. IST
But nowadays many companies allow you to conference in from home
So thats pretty cool
18 years ago
For a release position

Me: What programming langauge are you most comfortable with?
Candidate: Perl
Me: How do you open a file in perl ?
Can: vi [perl filename]
Me: i meant using Perl?
Can: I use vi normally.
Me: What does "GA" mean ( general availabilty)?
Can: whats that ?
Me: So you have used ANT extensively?
Can: yes, all the time.
Me: Is it necessary for the build file to be called build.xml?
Can: Yes its mandatory.
Me: you have lot of exp on java security?
Can: yes, i love that field.
Me: what doe JCE stand for .
Can: i don't remember
Me: can you name some vendors apart from sun
Can: Sun only ,its proprietary
Me: ok, can you name some algorithms which are used in jce.
Can: Bubble Sort

i can't remember any more .. but it was really an experience.. ahem he had 5 yrs of varied exp !
19 years ago
Righto .. Amdocs
19 years ago