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since Jun 10, 2004
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Recent posts by Ben Magister

I have 15 months J2SE experience and about 8 months of C++ (and about 10 years of general/scientific computing experience). I also have a BSc degree in Engineering.

I am looking for:

a) A full-time Java job (I am currently employed, but don't do enough Java!)


b) Part-time project work. My rates will be good as I am looking for experience and exposure as well as financial renumeration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Ben.
18 years ago
Hello All.

I have a job which involves a fair bit of J2SE, and I've just passed the SCJP exam. I would love to work in a job involving more Java, and I've noticed that most advertised jobs are looking for J2EE experience (UK).

Is there a way to "get into" J2EE without buying expensive course material?

Also, is there any freely available IDE for Enterprise Java?

Which certification route is best?

I would be interested to hear your views on the balance between Standard and Enterprise Java in the UK job market. Should I take the plunge with J2EE or stick with J2SE?

Regards , Ben.
18 years ago