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Recent posts by Jitesh Sinha

What are the key differences between Android and web development conceptually? How different a developer's mindset should be in both cases?
9 years ago
Manageability is worst for 2-tier since client contains business logic. There can be any number of clients and managing an unknown number of is certainly more difficult than doing it for a known number.
1-tier and 3-tier :- We know how many hosts will contain business/presentation logic.
I see this question in Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil's book- chapter 3 :-

You have been asked to evaluate multiple web presentation technologies for ABC Corp.Their priorities are future-proofing, tooling support from IDEs and the ability to render multiple versions of the same component for different devices. What do you recommend toABC?
A)Use JSF components as part of a Servlet.
B)Use JSTL and the EL as part of JSP pages
C)Use JSF components as part of JSP pages.
D)Use JSTL and the EL as part of Servlets.

WHy is answer C correct and is better than B?The way answer is explained in the book ,it seems future-proofing and tooling support cannot be achieved by JSTL/EL?Any idea why?
can someone please help with this?I am totally stuck at this issue.
After I turn on INFO for org.hibernate packages ,I see that binding is happening fine.

2013-04-04 20:55:19,741 INFO [(hibernate.cfg.AnnotationBinder)] Binding entity from annotated class: com.xxx.pkit.entities.DocumentDetails
2013-04-04 20:55:19,795 INFO [(cfg.annotations.EntityBinder)] Bind entity com.xxx.pkit.entities.DocumentDetails on table DOCUMENT_DETAILS

What can be the issue?
I am struggling wit this error for hours now.I know it is a simple configuration but somehow it does not work for me.

Here is relevant portion of my applicationcontext.xml :-

I have used both "annotatedClasses" and "packagesToScan" but to no avail.Here is my entity class.

problem appears when I try to save anything in that entity.here is Exception stack trace :-

Please help.
Hi Kirk,

I have been working on Java platform for long time now and I am familiar with a few design patterns.My question is how do you go about developing a design pattern specific to an application that will ensure High Availability or scalability for example?
It happens with all annotated beans.applicationContext.xml is under WEB-INF/classes. Here is web.xml :-
It seems spring reads projectname-servlet.xml.It does not read applicationContext.xml even if it is mentioned in web.xml .
How does it work?I am totally confused.
Hi All,

I am stuck on this problem for last several hours.I have tried looking everywhere but this problem would not go away.
Here is my entity class :-

Here is applicationContext.xml :-

Java code that is giving problem is here :-

error comes on filterDao.persist(filter) ;

persist method has this code snippet :-

Here is the exception stack trace :-

Can someone please help?Thanks!
Oracle version is 9.
Only difference from the example that you mentioned is execute instead of executeQuery on CallableStatement object.
Can that be the issue?
can someone please respond to this?Thanks.
I have spent several days trying to do this but have not been successful.I need to call an Oracle stored procedure from my java code.
My stored procedure looks like this :-

create or replace



from T1 ;

end get_group_data;

Here is my Java code :-

Here is the error that I get - java.sql.SQLException: ORA-06553: PL**S*(ignore all *)-306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'GET_GROUP_DATA'.

The error message does not have * - but Javaranch thinks I am using abbreviation for PLEASE - so I had to put in * in the middle.
Please help me guyz.Thanks!
Hi Folks,

I have searched a lot on internet trying to find sample code for my requirement.The closest solution to my problem that I can find is -

The part that bothers me is the resultClass attribute inside org.hibernate.annotations.NamedNativeQuery annotation.I don't have any class for this attribute since my stored procedure is going to return 2 dimensional array.Is it even possible to call this kind of stored procedure from hibernate code?