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I have 1+ year experience in Java/j2ee with an MNC. I have passed SCJP and SCWCD exams with good marks. How much salary can I expect from [ company XYZ ].

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14 years ago
Congratulations!!! Great Score
Congratulations !!! what's next.


You can buy the HFSJ book or borrow it from a friend. It's a great book. I have the Hanumant Deshmukh book but I am afraid it's legal to distribute the copy. There are a plenty of mock exams listed in the forum which you can practice. My advice will be to go through the HFSJ book and ask any of your doubts in the forum. That is the best way to prepare for any certification.

Hope that helps.
thanks all for the appreciation..
i have now started preparation for SCBCD 1.3..
will propably give it in a month..
Head First authors rule!!!

You can find Marc notes in the Links section of the forum.
Hi All,

I just passed SCWCD 1.4 exam with 98% marks (missed 100% by 1 question this time ) .
I am thankful to all the HFSJ team and the fellow ranchers.

Here goes my preparation
1. Passed SCJP 1.4 with 100% on 5th March, so was a bit enthusiastic about the new certification. Bought the voucher and the HFSJ book on the same day.
2. I had very less working knowledge on JSP and Servlets. So it took me 5 weeks to complete the book. Meanwhile I also studied Hanumant Deshmukh book for SCWCD.
3. Took the final mock exam of HFSJ and got 65% marks. Was a bit disappointed about the score. Again revised the book.
4. Reviewed carefully my mistakes in the mock and verified them with the specs.
5. Also I took all the mock exams mentioned in javaranch and got an average score of exam was difficult and got an average of 65% in that.

About exam pattern
1. There were around 8 drag and drop questions.
2. I didn't get any question on dynamic attributes.
3. Design pattern was easy and Marc Peabody's notes are more than sufficient. Marc, how to claim my beer
4. Got more than 5 questions on EL. HFSJ is sufficient.
5. Got questions about location of tlds and tag files.
6. Got 2 or more questions on filters checking the knowledge about the <dispatcher> tag.

This is all what I remember. Next target is SCBCD but confused which version to go for...
So that was all about my preparation and exam pattern. Now its party time.
Congratulations buddy!! whats next..
Congratulations!!....that's a terrific score
This is a question from SCWCD Mini Mock

An organisation hosts a web application and assigns individual username/ password to all its employees, together with a set of access rights so that users of a particular department are unable to access data related to any other department. Which security mechanism is employed by this organisation? (select one correct answer)
A) Data Integrity
B) Confidentiality
C) Authentication
D) Authorization
E) Only A and B options
F) Only B and C
G) Only C and D
H) Only B, C and D
E) A, B, C and D

The answer given is H). I could not understand how Confidentiality come into picture. As per my understanding the answer should be G)
Please Clarify.
[ April 25, 2007: Message edited by: Manish Agarwal ]
Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have decided to take the test on 30th April. Lets see how it goes.
I scored just 65% marks on HFSJ final mock exam after 5 weeks study. Most of the questions I got wrong were that ones which include "Choose all that apply" option. Should I go for the exam or study for 1 or 2 more weeks?
Hi All,

Please clarify the two points:

1.A file named foo.tag ,bundled in a JAR file but NOT defined in a TLD,triggers a container translation error.

2.If files foo1.tag and foo2.tag both reside in /WEB-INF/tags/bar,the container will consider them part of the same tag library.

In my opinion both the statements are correct. What is your opinion.