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Recent posts by Brian Percival

Too little information.. May be check with your friends what they think of you, to get a honest opinion?
11 years ago
Amazing! I am still able to download the assignment from the certmanager link. It even has a upload button there too. One would think they'd disable all that by now. But no.
I contacted oracle (apparently, they have a new online ticket system where we need to approach with any issues, the email route is decommissioned from Oct 1st 2012 - today).
Let's see what they come back with.
I am going to do that anyway.. Just curious to see if any success stories from someone in the same boat as myself!
I am back (doubly ashamed). I now want to get this over with. As the OP states, this is something I bought over 5 years ago, before the 1 year rule.
Just now I created a PersonVue account.

Can someone confirm/negate that I can still complete, upload and schedule essay appointment with Pearson even after all these years?

Didn't now where to post this.

There is a system that dials out numbers using land line.

I want to build some kind of stand alone application which will be able to log those calls.

The system dialing the numbers is limited in its capabilities. So not modifiable. It just dials pre configured numbers.

But I when a call is made to one of those numbers, I want it to be logged in the application I am building.

Any thoughts? The calling system will have to go through landline, voip is not a solution, since we don't want to rely on the internet to call routing etc.

12 years ago
I have a java based media server running, represented in Task Manager by "java.exe"process.
Can someone confirm that the memory usage for this process in task manager is 'heap memory'?
Specifically I am trying to match my jhat analysis (memory size) with java.exe memory size. Am I comparing correctly?
13 years ago
But I do kinda need the connection forever.

The thread is a polling thread that hits the db for a resultset change, so that we handle teh change as real time as possible. I have my polling set to twice a second.
The entire application has only two singleton classes that do thsi kind of polling. Only one instance of my app runs at any time. there is another web app that hits the db, but my app adds only two connections in terms of overhead.

I didn't want to implement connection pooling for such a simple scenario (as far as my app is concerned. web connections etc depend on user load ), and I didn't want to 'getConnection', a new one every half a second. So I am just using the current two connections for as long as they last.

Is it bad? Should I rather get new connection everytime? so that would around four new connections (apart from web side db connection) per second.

Quartz scheduler looks much better. However, changing to a different solution is not an option right now, I will make sure to check it first next time.
But my problem is more with the database connection than anything else. I am not able to smoothly recover from a lost connection.

I just want someone to confirm that what I have there is acceptable and reasonable.
Can someone please take a look at this and comment? My am at my wit's end on this.
Is there a downside to this approach? Can I just keep using the same connection for as long as I can? I just poll the db regularly (half a sec) to get a resultset. That is the only place where I hit the db, save one more. So all I have is just two connections open to db forever ( or as long as possibl).
My application runs as a single instance (only one machine ever-so only chance of two connections from the app to the db at most at any given time. ). Although, the database will be hit by other applications.
I am using mysql 5.x with java 6, I use DriverManager to get db connection, no connection pooling.
My db is external (I use external IP).
My run() has a infinite loop wherein I get db connection, query the db for a resultsut and work on it.
I have my own getConnection() which checks if the connection object is not null, only if null it creates a new connection.
So I basically try to use just one connection forever untill it starts acting up. Then I just create a new connnection and keep using it.
Sometimes at executestatement() my connection is broken.
I have following code..

I am not sure if the order of close()s I am doing it ok. I cannn't con.close() in finally because I reuse it forever. Should I rather rs.close()and pstmnt.close() in catch{} also in addition to finally?
Thanks for the replies guys. I guess this is a good opportunity for me to really look at 1.6. I haven't really worked on it yet.
Sorry for the ambiguous title. Didn't know what else to write.

I bought CX-310-252A on Feb 20, 2007 - haven't uploaded my assgnment yet -I know I am ashamed

I haven't bought the essay voucher yet, and I know I have unlimited time on assignment since I bought it before the new one year rule.

My only confusion is, my assignment says:

Throughout this exercise, you must use exclusively the Java 2 platform. You may develop your code using any implementation of the Java 2 platform, but the submission that you return must have been tested and shown to work under a production (not development) version of the Sun Microsystems' Java 2 platform and that platform must not have been superseded by a new production version for more than 18 months by the time you make your submission.

Java 6 is released in Dec 2006 as per Wikipedia. But they changed the naming convention to Java SE instead of Java 2 SE.
Does this mean I cann't do my assignment in Java 1.6 and should use atmost 1.5 because it falls under Java2SE naming convention???

Any thoughts?