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Recent posts by Rajan Chinna

John Todd wrote:We all like to work with the latest cool technologies but real world jobs are a little different.
Try to drive the change (smartly, don't force your opinion).
Manual code merging?
Introduce Git or Subversion to your team, sell them the benefits of SCM and how it is going to change their lives for better.
Legacy code?
Legacy code is untested code, embrace unit testing and spread the spark.
Look for an idle computer here and there and install Jenkins.
Schedule a bugs festival or code review weekly.
What I want to say is try to make your job fun.

You shouldn't leave your job because some one told you to do so, you are the only one to decide.

In my current job I do bug fixings almost every day, wondering what do you do in bug festival ?
13 years ago

Abimaran Kugathasan wrote:

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:What is the configuration? I wasnt able to find out in the link provided.

Here, the configuration details!

Thanks Bear Bibeault for correction for that typo!

That link says Rs.64,450 which is around $1400. You could get 2 notebooks for that price in US, if you have any friends in US, get it from there.
13 years ago

Rajan Chinna wrote:

Pradeep bhatt wrote:India has never won against Pak in Mohali

Don't worry, Pak never beat India in world cup.

My guess, it will be Ind vs SL finals.

there you go, just one more match for SRT to lift the cup.
Good luck team India!
13 years ago

Better not to watch match and save time.

I tried this option for the last game against Aus, came to office after watching first few overs. But can't stop my brain/hand from going to cricinfo site and worrying about every ball. I would just take off and watch at least the crowd.

Adding some political color to the game is good for both countries, alteast the losing side can say 'we had successful peace talks with them'.

Can't wait for the game, pressure is at the highest peak.

Good luck India
13 years ago

Pradeep bhatt wrote:India has never won against Pak in Mohali

Don't worry, Pak never beat India in world cup.

My guess, it will be Ind vs SL finals.
13 years ago
After england loosing to ireland, now it seems the tickets were sold out for india's next match.

If india were to bat first, we should at least score 400+ with our current bowling attack, hope it is going to be a interesting match to watch.
13 years ago
I hate the format of the game, from quarters its like hit or miss and the top teams will never get chance to play each other. I can't imagine the world cup without IND vs PAK match. I wish for round-robin matches among top 8 teams.

India had good chances of winning the cup like never before, they should win the cup, so Sachin can retire peacefully else we will probably seeing him again in the next world cup

Go India!
13 years ago
With your domain knowledge you may want to consider BA (Business Analyst) position and then slowly move towards QA or development side.
13 years ago
When you construct your object, you can hit the DB and get next primary/sequence key from rcptNumber_TAB entity.
XYZ p = new XYZ(someservice.getNextPrimaryKey());

Also you could use trigger to fetch next key.
Does the PetInfo entity has primary id key ?

<generator class="assigned"/>
I am using Eclipse Helios 3.6.0

I have pretty large application of around 10+ projects in the workspace.
After I sync my app with svn, i try to refresh the projects in eclipse IDE.
The refresh and the build process is taking more than 30 mins

Is there a way to improve the performance ?
As we all know no software is bug free, we strive to keep the bugs low but as the product grows monster size it gets really challenging.
Usually we roll a stable tested release to the client but they often request for more enhancements and fixes.

Well, we do encourage clients for up-gradation, that way we get more business
The upgrade process will take minimum 6 months to 2 years depending on various factors like how back they are on the release, thorough
end-to-end testing, UAT of all the modules and other resources issues.

Our product is more flexible, we take all clients request and try to incorporate them in to the product, that way they should still see that
added feature when they migrate to a different release in the future. Here client enhancement means money, so we don't say NO
to any of the client request.

I would love to hear others experiences who are working in product development environment.
Unfortunately in our case it is not like push the bug free code into production and forget it. We have clients using the product on different releases,
means some are on Rel50, Rel51, Rel52 etc... where as our most recent release is at Rel60. Now lets say the client using Rel50 want
some enhancement or bug fix then we are suppose to port those changes up until Rel60.

As we are growing bigger by adding more clients, we end up having clients staying on different releases. Obviously some of them are hesitant to
upgrade to most latest release, they are still using Rel40. I am thinking by reducing number of releases to say 4 per year could help us some.

I understand David, each dev environment is unique, want to hear from experts as what process they are following.
In a typical product development environment, what is the release cycle period should be ?

From my experience it could be anywhere about 2 weeks to 2 months.
We practice the 2 week iterative cycle which I think is kind of over kill. Every 2 week we have to cut new branch and test the code and take it to a shippable state.
If there are any major bug fix in trunk code base than it has to be back ported to multiple branches where the code merge could cause lot of overheads. Like some times you fix in one branch but forgot to apply the patch on the other branch. It is like wasting developers and testers time.
I feel like 2 week cycle is too short, what would be the ideal period?

I am interested to see what best practices others are following in their product development environments.
Petronas Twin Towers
KL Tower
By visiting these two towers you can say you had visited complete KL....

Brickfields (for indian food, nice temple, and there is a Midvalley shopping mall)
Masjid India (also called little india for shopping)
Batu Caves

Enjoy your stay!
13 years ago