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Mahesh Pinnamaneni

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Recent posts by Mahesh Pinnamaneni


I am creating a tool that reads the XML document and process as per the instructions in XML and parses it.
In the XML document there is a tag where I can have something like this.
area = area.toUpperCase();
location = location.substring(5);

Like this I would like to use the Java functions.

Wondering how this can be achieved.

12 years ago
i think i got this done...

thank you very much...
tried but there is a gap of when i am showing the second div..

here is the code:

I am having a form with a drop down and want to display the fields below it based on the drop down value selected.

for example: my form has a drop down <select value> <values: A, B ,C, D)

when I select A then I should get displayed a set of fields ( like input fields, drop down fields etc) just below the main drop down and when I choose B then it should display a set of fields specific to B and like that..

Could any one please let me know what technology / script to use this to achieve this. I have also attached the sample html page and struggling with that. appreciate if you can give some idea so that i can complete this.


I am planning to create a new Eclipse plugin so that I can create a small ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool. So for this I need a Graph Editor and different components (Input , transformatin & Output) so that I can join them to form a graph.

Please advice me what are the books that I need to refer as a starting point or any reference URL's.

Also appreciate if any one interested in creating this plugin, I can also work with them..


I am retrieving data from MS Access DB. I am having OLE Object data type columns and the link to the path has been stored in it.

Please help me in getting that path to the document from this OLE object.

12 years ago
Hello All,

I am planning to build an IDE which will be similar to a data modeler so that I can map the different database tables and its columns..or similar to Informatica tool which i can map the columns to other transformation and at last my tool will save the design to an XML file..

Any suggestions what tools that I need to start with and what technologies i need to use?

Thank you very much...

12 years ago
Hello Guys,
I am having documents (MS Word, PDF's etc) in database(BLOB's) and I want to pull them out of database and store it in filesystem. Please advice me how to achieve this.

Yes, I need the data as it is because I want to use this XML for processing data in other application. This is the requirement. The external application is not currently recognizing this escaped data..please note that i am not using this data to represent in the HTML. This is just for transaction purposes.

I think this is the javaranch issue with displaying...
actually the xml file has "A & amp; B" instead of "A & B"
Actually what I want is the opposite..

I am constructing a document from the data from excel file and the XML file contains "A &amp; B" instead of "A & B".
How can i achieve this?


[Edit: modified example to match what appeared to be desired in the source of this posting.]
[ August 11, 2008: Message edited by: Andrew Monkhouse ]
I am creating an XML document with jDom. The result XML file contains & instead of '&'. How can I escape these characters?
please throw some light on this..

for better understanding...please see below:

I need a strategy or technology to use to achieve the following:
1) Create an XML file with the values taken from Excel file.
2) Substitute the values as shown below in the XML template file:
<node type="physicalitem" action="create">
<location>Enterprise:Box: + EXCEL_CELLVALUE[A,i]</location> // WHERE [A,i] IS A COLUMN AND i row (i=1,2,3...)
<title> EXCEL_CELLVALUE[B,i]</title>
<mediatype>87244</mediatype> // remains as a constant
<physicallocation>TIC</physicallocation> // remains as constant
<physicalproperty name="SpecNoTransNo" value=EXCEL_CELLVALUE[C,i]></physicalproperty>
<physicalproperty name="ManufacturerName" value=EXCEL_CELLVALUE[D,i]></physicalproperty>
<physicalproperty name="BoxBarcodeNumber" value=EXCEL_CELLVALUE[E,i]></physicalproperty>
<category name="Livelink Categories:Test Category">
<attribute name="Name">EXCEL_CELLVALUE[F,i]</attribute>
<attribute name="Email">EXCEL_CELLVALUE[G,i]</attribute>

Here EXCEL_CELLVALUE[B,i] is the variable or some kind that i need to replace with Excel cell values.

Any idea how can I acheieve this?

Thanks for the reply..

I am looking at a bigger picture...My Goal is to achieve the following:
1) I will have the data in Excel File & I want to generate the XML file with this Data in Excel.
2) For generating an XML file, I will have to use the DTD for format.
3) I have to build a strategy to get the value from a particular cell in Excel and assign it to the Element / Attribute.
This will be easy we can implement like this because in future if there are any more attributes / elements added, we just need to simply give the strategy.

Hope this helps...