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Recent posts by Judy Herilla

I have downloaded the Glassfish Tools Bundle for Eclipse 1.2, but cannot find good docuemtnation.

Any leads out there? Everything I find is from 2008.
We are documenting the requirements for a web application that is actually made up of separate applications or modules.

We've been trying to follow the templates based on CMMI with some design aspects.

What is the best way to organize the Use Cases, sample Screenshots, and business rules? We want to show some desired funtionality such as certain screen refreshes using AJAX. We have it now separated into one HUGE requirements document, with one document of all the use cases, and then html files for the sample screen shots.

I was hoping for this to be more orgazined, but one HUGE document doesnt seem to be quite right, and having one document each of the 22 modules would cause infomration to be repeated.

Any suggestions?

Somehow I missed responding to this one.

Actually it does use the Post method. Any other ideas?
Does your book address certain issues I have read about, such as problems with JavaScript errors?

From IBM:

GWT's run-time libraries are licensed under the Apache License 2.0, and you can use GWT freely to create commercial applications. However, the GWT toolchain is provided in binary-only form, and modifications are not permitted. This includes the Java-to-JavaScript compiler. This means that any errors in your generated JavaScript are out of your control.

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[ April 04, 2007: Message edited by: David O'Meara ]
Seeking (2) Senior Level Java Developers
Initially 6 month contract w/potential to go longer.

- Design, develop and implement Java object oriented applications.

We are looking to contract with a Senior Java Consultant experienced with using Open Source technologies, to join us as we replicate the existing functionality of our Web Application using Open Source Technologies. Must be able to work without a great deal of guidance. Do not contact us if you are not already a senior level developer expeirenced with the following required skills...

Required Skills:
- Java, JSPs, JSTL, JavaScript, Spring MVC, Hibernate, SQL, Commons Validation, JUnit
- Expert level understanding of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) principles
- Experience following Rational Unified Process (RUP)
- Excellent English Communication skills
- Extensive knowledge of Open Source technologies and their application
- 3+ years experience programming in Java
- 3+ years experience using object oriented development techniques

- Experience with AJAX, CSS, Subversion, Tomcat, Eclipse, Maven, Load Testing Tools, Quartz
- Sun Certification(s)

Candidates will be tested to meet the requirements

On-site (Pittsburgh-Warrendale area) is preferred, but alternatives can be discussed.

Please send resume to eAuditNetAdmin@sae.org
17 years ago
I could not find anything when I did a search.

I wish to have a more organized look to my workbench.

Is there a way under the Package Explorer to collapse
similarly named packages, so that I only need to expand them when i want them?

I imported a project and everything is at the same level.

Any suggestions on easily fixing this are appreciated.

Also - any way to import jar files under a folder called jars?
Right now they are also at that same base level.

I have an application which allows users to select records for deletion using checkboxes. All is well until they select about 60-some, then a javascript error is thrown. Is there a known limitation on number of javascript checkboxes being submitted?
[ April 03, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
So 1 - 2 months working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? What are you thinking is full time Parthi?
Does anyone know of a place to order a book format of the EJB 2.0 spec? I coudl not find it on Amazon.
I have downloaded the EJB 1.0 Spec and printed it. Should I start here - or just skip to 2.0? (Does the material repeat itself?)
How drastically different are the specs, can someone summarize the main differences?
When calling a servlet you can choose whether to invoke POST or GET from your form.
form action="POST" or form action="GET"
if you choose "GET" the information you are sending will be displayed in the URL, while "POST" hides this information.
Also, I dont remember the exact amount but you can send MORE infomration using a POST rather than a GET
21 years ago
Im not sure of the best place to post this.
I am trying to decide between focusing on the Web Component Devloper or the
Developer exam.
I work mostly on the server-side, using JSPs and servlets, starting to get into EJBs.
This makes me think I should take the Web Component exam.
But should I take the Developer exam first?
I dont want cost to be the only factor, but I am payiong for the
exams myself. And the web component exam is less expensive.
My overall goal is to become an expert in Java. This includes J2EE.
In the near term, I am looking to change jobs, hopefully to a company which cares more about standards
and methodologies. I am not sure which would make the better impression.
So, any thoughts?
Thanks! I found a src.jar for JDK1.3_01 that I THINK was installed when I installed Forte - havent used it yet - but it must link you to the details of the standard library files !!!
21 years ago
I know I used an editor a while back that let me dive in to the details of Java source files.
My current one does not automatically dive into source files if they are in .jar or .zip formats. SO...question is, where can I go to look at the source of Hashtable ?
My thing is, I want to see exactly how it is returning an enumeration of keys, from keys(), since enumeration is an interface...I'd like to see what object is being created which is being returned...so that I can undertsand WHERE the hasMoreElements() is being implemented...
If you can answer either question, please reply!
21 years ago
There is no hand, or link, for the first entry. There is however for the rest of them.
I dont believe the javascript for showDetails() is necessary for this reason.
Have not tried semicolons, will give that a shot.
In a jsp we are generating a table with a column with links.
For some unknown reason, it works fine in IE, but the FIRST row in Netscape does not work. The rest of the table is fine.
Here is the generated HTML. The rest of the links work in Netscape - except for the first one. This is baffling since you can see the code is the same for both the first and second row.