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Recent posts by A Kumar

As a provider of web services , we have to update the public cert in our `.jks` file.

Our Consumers sign their messages and sends the request and the service end-point is on Http protocol

Should we share anything to the consumers of this service to update at their end..
9 years ago

I have below code...

And my properties file has

Am getting

Exception in thread "main" java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Dangling meta character '?' near index 10

Whats wrong with the pattern

10 years ago

We have a requirement to write to the file only when the element is moved out of the cache. How can we do this?

And is cache.put( new Element( key, value)); a good way of updating cache

10 years ago

I need to check for a input string, that can match against 1 or more patterns in Java..

I tried with if - else checking of the matching values..but i have more than 100+ checks to do and such a if-else is not good way to do it either..

Also looping through each string and checking the input string could be intensive.

Is there a simple way and whose performance is good as well.

Sample values are below(there are almost 100+ such pattern)

If I give the input as IP|VAR|D00|PB|TM|AB , i should get the 3 patterns matching... And i need to pick the values of each of the pattern ...

10 years ago
It might seem a silly question, but then

my application have controllers and didn't have any login so far, now i need to have login.

my doubt is regarding ..after login..should i have some attribute in the session that captures if the user is logged in or not?

And also should use a filter/interceptor for checking if the user is logged in

if user tries to hit the direct requestmapping urls..

10 years ago
Thanks Karthik !!!

Basically the idea is to get my team gain some expertise on SPring and at the same time have them develop an app that they could use internally..

Hence I have asked for suggestions surrounding Spring..for those features..

10 years ago
need to develop an internal application...that should have below features as on date

1 )LDAP Authentication

2) Pages - Tiles Way

3) RSS feeds

4) Forum

5) Mails

6) Wiki kind of Knowledge repository

7) Latest Update Dashboard

8) Photo Gallery

9) WorkFlows

Can you please suggest the softwares that are best fit for this (Audience would be the project team team Max 40 users)


We had narrowed down on Spring Framework and Drools but the question is what can go with Spring for Forum & Wiki ?
10 years ago
Anyone has encountered similiar situations?
12 years ago

I have a class that extends StoredProcedure class of Spring API..for calling a Stored proc

How can i set a timeout for my stored proc call

setQueryTimeout in constructor is not working out..(i specified 1s as timout but it still gives me results after 2 seconds)

12 years ago
Thanks Mark!!!
12 years ago
Hi ,

Whats the difference b/w request scope vs prototype scope in terms of a webapplication..where there are 2 beans
1 is request scope
1 is prototype bean...
And both end up being used for the processing...

For x request...x request beans & x prototype beans are created ..so what is the difference between the two..

12 years ago
Yeah i agree with this...

For each request new object will be created no need to bother about thread safe....

but my query was...why do i still see old values for 2nd request.....

12 years ago

In our struts action class....we take the inputs from the formbean object and based on the values assign it to a object that represents all input params.

In formbean we have limited form fields but the object representing the input params has more values...

the scope of this object is...limited to the execute method

Request 1) ..some of the values in the object representing request will be populated

Request 2) ..Some value in the inputs is empty but the object representing request (not formbean) is still having the data from the earlier request

Struts version : 1.2 ...doesnt it spawn new threads and hence this object will be created


12 years ago
Thanks Frits!!!