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Recent posts by Ashish Garg

I had cleared IBM SOA Associate with 98% this saturday.

I had read most of the document mentioned on the certification page on IBM site and read SOA for dummies.

Ashish Garg
Just wanted to add that FBN old assignment is now expired. If you are doing it for your understanding which is great.
Any body has idea about how long it will take to update the result at site

I have seen my SCEA result at this site
But its not updated at the first mentioned site it still showing the status as Enrolled for SCEA.

Another question can we publish the result about the SCEA from site.

Nitin, you will get the result at the same place where you have uploaded the assignment i.e
Once the result is there you will see a detail button that will give you the detail break up of your performacne.

All the best.
I have just check the Web site and got the following result
Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 36
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 39 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 11

I really wanted to thanks all the Ranchers for contributing so much on each of the topics.

With this good news I want to wish every body a very happy new year.
15 years ago
How long does it take to get your result
15 years ago
HI Kumar, yes I have worked on Web Services and WS Security.

But with this exam I have learned so many new things as it cover such wide range of topics.
15 years ago
Today I have cleared SCDJWS with 89%. Following is my preparation details.
Preparation time 15 Days

Reading Material:
RMH book

MZ notes
SAAJ, JAXB, JAXP, JAXR, UDDI, J2ee Webservices, Endpoint Design and Architecture.

Blue Print
Chapter 3

Mock Exams
Whizlabs and exams available on internet

I really like to thanks RMH and MZ for writing such good material on Web Services.
15 years ago