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I would verify that the Oracle driver (e.g. located somewhere in your classpath.
I am not totally sure what you are asking.
I have done some work work with .csv files (comma delimitted files). You can use the first row of the .csv file to define column names. Here is an example:

Hope this helps.
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Why are you using the getUnicodeStream() method? This method is deprecated in java 1.2.2.
Try using the getLong() method.
This can be accomplished by using the init() method of a servlet. The init() method of a servlet can be automatically started during the server start up. For example in Tomcat you can automatically start up a servlet by including the "<load-on-startup>" tag in the web.xml file:

Hope this helps

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20 years ago
This is a question for folks that create interfaces and implementing classes. Do you keep the interface and the implementing class in the same or different packages?
Thanks for clearing things up. Yes '&' is used to seperate parameters and '+' is used to represent a space. I did not know about the '%'.
When creating the date object for the insert try using java.sql.Date instead of java.util.Date
Try logging on as a local administrator and then start the NT Services. I had a lot of problems when I did not do this especially when going through the installation process.
21 years ago
You have it right but you might want to lost some of the double quotes. Here is an example passing two variables to a servlet:
<a href="/MyApp/ControllerServlet?transaction='sometran'&action='someaction'"> bla bla bla </a>
Please note that the "&" represents a space. Also this method of passing data is referred to as using the querystring. You will notice that the data will also be displayed in the http address line.
Hope this helps,
Great! I'm glad we were finally able to get this problem resolved . Good luck with the rest of the class.
Sorry, I actually have a file download process in a servlet, not a JSP. Let me know if you are interested in this solution. I am not sure about the plug-in stuff but I think the setHeader method will fake out the browser.
21 years ago
I have done this with .csv and .xml files.
Try adding:
+ someFileNameVar);
21 years ago
Your database can remain in the same place. The path only needs to be specified in the ODBC Source Administrator. Also you should determine the exact line where the error is occuring. This can be done by placing System.out.println statements before and after retrieving the connection (the one after would need to be located in the calling method).
I am also baffled about the error at this point. I can get this method to work on my machine but I am using Windows 2000 and you are using Windows 98. Here are some additional things to try:
- Change "jdbc.url=Jdbc:Odbc:COREJAVA" to "jdbc.url=jdbc:odbc:COREJAVA" in your properties file. I don't think this will make a difference but you never know. Also is your datasource name in uppercase?
- You may want to recreate your datasource in the ODBC Source Administrator.
- Also I was able to recreate a datasource not found error by adding a space at the end of the COREJAVA datasource name in the ODBC source administrator. Although, after doing this I was unable to reconfigure or remove the datasource (must be some MS bug).
good luck,

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Try the following Tomcat setup instructions:
These instructions are also included in the tomcat download.

You may also want to use the JavaRanch search function to check previous posts about Tomcat Installation.
Hope this helps,
21 years ago
I usually enjoy a good snow storm but I have had enough this year . My area is supposed to get around 15-30" of snow in the next two days. I need some warm weather!!!
21 years ago