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One question .. how did they contact you ?

17 years ago

How are you packing it ??? Are you just supplying the diagram pictures or you are putting any explanation about these pictures ?? Could you share how do we have to do it ?

[ May 30, 2006: Message edited by: Paulo Nunes ]
[ May 30, 2006: Message edited by: Paulo Nunes ]

Are you putting only entity classes in your class diagram ??? Could you explain that ??

I'll appreciate that !

To pass part I of SCEA you should read a lot! One book is not enough actually. If you already have some experience with design patterns, ejbs, security it will be useful, otherwise you should take more time studying these subjects in depth IMHO because it will be very important further.

So, take your brain to the books and try to get some real world experience.

I hope this help.

Have you thought about making these classes as TOs and they may be handled by AppServices ? Your design probably migth work but it may have serious consequences of coupling and a harder maintenance then try make a design totally clear concerning which type of objects or layer does what. I think IMHO it would be better. On the other hand, you shouldn't be worried to give stereotypes to all classes in your diagram at all.

I hope this help, please let me know if you disagree and let�s discuss.
[ May 18, 2006: Message edited by: Paulo Nunes ]

I'm not worried about making a class diagram technology independent and I'm using stereotypes to declare classes as EJBs, I think it's not worth because the requirement emphasizes that the most important thing is "the project must be J2EE" then I'm following this recomendation once our soluctions will be used only by certification purposes.

Do you agree with me ??? please let�s talk .
As you saw in Cade book he made his diagram using stereotypes on operations and on classes. I'm using RSA Rational Software Architect to create my class diagram and I'm putting as much documentation as I think would be useful even to my own understanding about the design. I'd strongly advise you to go ahead because stereotypes are totally possible in UML.

Anyone has more thoughts about it ?
Dear Vinays,

I guess you can use any type of stereotypes and notes on your class diagram to clarify your decision, if you take this way you are making it easy for Sun or someone else who can be a possible customer get it better to understand what you was thinking when you made it.

Regarding constructing classes as a snapshot of your database table is not a good idea you can implement a composite instead.

I hope this help.
[ May 17, 2006: Message edited by: Paulo Nunes ]

As far as I know there are no changes on assignment since you have downloaded it and I think you can work on a solution based on the material that you already have, moreover you can use any J2EE version available. Although there is a problem yet, your voucher is not valid anymore so you can't register for Part III of the exam. I'd strongly advise you to get in touch with Sun Education Center to find out how you can turn able to do Part III, probably you will have to buy another voucher. Regarding the Sun Education Center you can visit and access education part to get to know education phone number...

I hope this help .
[ May 16, 2006: Message edited by: Paulo Nunes ]
11 ???

Hey folks , just thinking about this .... it's not serious ... He is kidding ...

ps: James go play anything else ...

I'm 23 and I got Part I certification and I'm preparing to finish part II and III .