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Recent posts by nan sh

"Taiwan's future has to be decided by Taiwanese"
That is against International law. International law sys Taiwan's independent has to be decided by both people live in Taiwan and people live in mainland China.
Where you get that idea, Billy?
20 years ago
The all issue is that Someone want the all world have their religion(demarcate) and value, even the one with their feature, their size and right now! Not even gradually.
What is wrong just leave country like Russia or China to learn demarcate slowly? Are those countries more open and demarcate today then ten years age.
How can you tell an one year old kid to walk and run immediately or laugh at them if they can�t do it properly at first try?
20 years ago
I doubt the trustiness of the documents, there are no secrecy
that Pakistan and Chinese exchange military technology.
but they never did that with written! if Chinese want
to pass any thing to Pakistan in written, it would be in English, not in Chinese.
This is another devilish Chinese, not the first time, would not the last one.
20 years ago
Said, user enter a stock code, I draw a price chart then post back to user though browse?
Most stock-broker have these kind of services, I wish to know how to do that?
And also how can I allow user draws some lines( like support or resistance line) on the picture.
Any idea?
20 years ago
Bill Gates said something like we just enter the door of software.
Yes, there are a lot people around me they know how to use some software package and called themselves as IT specialists. It is not justified.
20 years ago
I feel that the SCO about Linux Intelligence property issue brings the problem for programmers, said programmer P writes some codes for Company A, which is very successful, and if programmer P quits and get another job in Company B. The Company A might sue the Company B for Intelligence property issue. To avoid the problem, Company B will make sure it doesn�t hire programmers (like Programmer P ) from company A.
That is end of Programmer P�s career as it is impossible for Programmer P to take advantage of his experience from company A to search for new career. The worst is that the intelligence property might be the result of Programmer P�s creative and hard working. Programmer P �s creative and hard working benefits company A and public also end of his further.
It is unfair to programmers, isn�t it? What do you think?
20 years ago
'They are rated as a "buy" or "strong buy" by most covering brokers.'
"Strong buy" what? buy cash Current assets? why should investors use their cash to buy MS's "cash current assets"?
I checked at today, MSFT's P/E ratio is 31.03, which is mean people assume MSFT would grown at 20% ~ 30% a year, but where is this 20%
will come from? Yes, I knew they have very good balance sheet, but where is this 20% going to come from?
If MSFT is not in bubble then American share market is in bubble.

When most of brokers said "buy", I better don't do it, I learnt that from my experiences,
I mean not programming experience,lossing a lot of money experiences.
20 years ago
From an investor�s point, the Microsoft is in doom. Put it simple, they don�t know what they should to do next.
After 25 years, 80% of Microsoft �s revenue is still from OS system and Office package. And they decided to pay huge dividens to shareholders, that just say to shareholders:� hell get money and go somewhere.�
But it is in an advantage technology section. If they cannot find new direction, or invest in new things, they might be shutdown! All the their new products were not had very good responses from the market. Microsoft realized that I.T. Industrial is going to be a service industrial, they have to provide service to clients to survive. But why their users have to pay MS to fix MS�s bugs or secretly hole? And so far, there are no evidence to say .Net will be success, apart from it is Microsoft�s thing (I search for VB.Net and C# in Sydney there are total 18 jobs there, compare to Java is 62)
The biggest problem as an investor I saw is Microsoft want to transfer from a manufacture (of software) to an I.T. service provider. It just like a furniture producer wants to be a car manufacture. God will know the results! If they are seriously with idea that they want to be a service provider, they should buy some very successful service providers instead of pay dividens to shareholders.
If MS cannot have enough revenue to float, all these existing MS products users will not have any further. If MS were gone one day and some hacker found a way to pay around with VB6 and all VB6 application users only could open their eyes big, and watched their VB6 application doing funky things after they log on Internet.
Personally, I like C#, just like Java.
20 years ago
"IT will come back and it will come back strongly in the next few years," Findlay predicts. "This is because there has been a panic-stricken rush away from development. Large firms have cut down on all but the most essential work that has to be done, so there's a big backlog there. When the dam breaks, there will be plenty going in the industry. So you have to be astute and focused on the areas that will come up."
"Build yourself a website and use it to advertise," Findlay advises. "Don't let anything discourage you. Go for every job where you can reasonably expect a meeting. Never miss an opportunity to learn something new. Purchase journals in your field of interest and download as much from the net as you can. And above all, never give up."
[ July 10, 2003: Message edited by: nan sh ]
20 years ago
"Did you try to add ojdbc14.jar explicity to the end of your CLASSPATH environment variable? "
Yes. It looks like javac can recognize *.jar inside JAVA_HOME\jer\lib\ext, but java cannot, is this the java's behave?
I am using jdk1.4.
I have copied ojdbc14.jar to C:\j2sdk\jre\lib\ext and I can compile successfully.
But when I run Employee, got error as
'Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/driver/OracleDriver
at Employee.main('
So I run
jar -xvf ojdbc14.jar,
to extract oracle folder inside ojdbc14.jar and copy it to my current working place then I can run Employee, if I delete the oracle folder (which is extracted from ojdbc14.jar) from the current working folder, it won't work again!
I couldn't find out what is wrong, anyone has any idea?
The following is
* This sample shows how to list all the names from the EMP table
* It uses the JDBC THIN driver. See the same program in the
* oci8 samples directory to see how to use the other drivers.
// You need to import the java.sql package to use JDBC
import java.sql.*;
import oracle.jdbc.*;
class Employee
public static void main (String args [])
throws SQLException
// Load the Oracle JDBC driver
//DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver());
DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver());
// Connect to the database
// You must put a database name after the @ sign in the connection URL.
// You can use either the fully specified SQL*net syntax or a short cut
// syntax as <host>:<port>:<sid>. The example uses the short cut syntax.
//String url = "jdbc racle:thin:@dog:1521:nan";
//String userName = "nan";
//String password = "nan";
String url = "jdbc racle:thin:@dog:1521 EV";
String userName = "scott";
String password = "tiger";
if (args.length > 0) url = args[0];
if (args.length > 1) userName = args[1];
if (args.length > 2) password = args[2];
Connection conn =
DriverManager.getConnection (url, userName, password);
// Create a Statement
Statement stmt = conn.createStatement ();
// Select the ENAME column from the EMP table
ResultSet rset = stmt.executeQuery ("select ENAME from EMP");
// Iterate through the result and print the employee names
while ( ())
System.out.println (rset.getString (1));
[ April 05, 2003: Message edited by: nan sh ]
Is there any Open Source Active Dictionary packgeage avaible for Linux?

Originally posted by John Fontana:
J2EE is notoriously expensive. Perhaps needlessly, given products like JBoss, but for all those who go with Websphere/Weblogic, there is a steep difference in cost compared to IIS (which is a free, optional installation on any version of Windows).
How can you compare JBoss, Websphere/Weblogic with IIS? this kind of comparision is nonsense. IIS has to be compared with Apatch, Asp.Net can be compared with tomcat, the thing you can compare with JBoss, Websphere or Weblogic in MicroSoft have to have COM+, Active Dictionary, Message and more, not the IIS only
The key issue about open-source and microsoft that I belive is not only about money .
Its about the controlling, some of my against microsoft clients think that MS don't give them any option, they acturally willing to pay a bit of money for options.
[ March 28, 2003: Message edited by: nan sh ]

21 years ago
I have a hardware question.
my computer's
CPU is P-IV 2.4G
RAM is DDR RAM 333M PC2700
Hard disk 60G 7200n
if RAM only 333M, why I should have 2.4G CPU and does my hard disk match with CPU and momery?
21 years ago
Yea, it's back.
But as Thomas said, it is very hard to survive,
I just wonder they might grab the donation and then...
21 years ago