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Recent posts by Jack Lam

i have just updated my Fedora 2 by using build in update function.
(click "!" then select update item then select kernel version..)
when the process finished and restart my PC
then i found that the one more choice created in the boot selection menu :
1) fedora 2.6.10xx
2) fedora 2.6.0
3) Win XP eng

is it normal ? can i remove the choice 2 in menu (safe?) ?
and what it the process to remove one choice in menu ?

thanks ~
17 years ago
oic ... thank all kind advice for me ....

i would like to update to Fedora 3.... so i think the 2nd method suitable for me... let me try it tonight~

17 years ago
oh... sorry ... because i am new in using linux...
i have install Linux and xp in my PC , and Linux has setup a menu for select which OS you want to boot up

but i do not have experience in update my Linux (even don't know the command for compile, don't know which file i have to download ....)
so it would be great if anyone can give me guidance for me to
17 years ago
oh... sorry, just change to my real name~
17 years ago
Hi everyone,

i have setup the Linux in my PC (WinXP also installed)
so.. how can i upgrade my linux kernal to Fedora 3?
but someone said Fedora 3 use a new file system so can not co-exist windowsXP and Fedora 3... is it true ?

17 years ago
Hi everyone,

i am a student, i am now try to use jboss instead of using tomcat in my exercise. but i found that there are 2 web.xml in jboss package
one in:
the other one in:

why have so many web.xml in one server ? :roll:

17 years ago

how can i obtain the objective of this beta exam?


i would like to use EL to get the variable in different scope,
i know that EL will find the variable in all scope (page, request, session, application)
so now i am trying to test the mechanism by writing code to test...
SortedMap m = new TreeMap();
SortedMap n = new TreeMap();
m.put("Sneezy", "common cold");
n.put("Sneezy", "good");
pageContext.setAttribute("map", m);//page scope variable
session.setAttribute("map", n); //session scope variable
<c ut value='${map.Sneezy}'>
empty !!!
</c ut>
i found that it print out "common cold",
so i would like to ask.... do Servlet container have a sequence to search the variable all scope? all how can i determine which one it will display?

yeah .... you are right...
it work now ~

i would like to install JSTL in Tomcat.
i have download the JSTL file "jakarta-taglibs-src-20041214.zip" form
jakarta homepage and extract into c:\java\ folder.
but i found that my test.jsp page do not support JSTL tag

do i need to copy file in "jakarta-taglibs" folder to tomcat's
Tomcat 5.5\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib\ folder ?

thk a lot~

Hi everyone,

i have a problem in studying El...

when i create a Map in <% %> area:
SortedMap map = new SortedMap;
map.put("key", "value");
and want to display the data by using EL

but it show me nothing....
what is the reason?
it can show me ${header["user-agent"]}
that mean the page can run El at my tomcat..

also, do EL only for display the date?
(for replace the <%= XX %> tag)
how do i create instance by using EL?

i always get confuse with the format ${aaa.bbb.ccc}

Match design patterns with statements describing potential benefits that accrue from the use of the pattern, for any of the following patterns: Intercepting Filter, Model-View-Controller, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, and Transfer Object.

i am always get confuse with MVC and Front Controller
could you please tell me what is the main different between them ?

Dear all,

EL language is new for JSP2.0 , but i do not have experience in using EL language. how can i prepear so i can tackle this part !?

for example,
${kkk.property} = request.getParameter(property)

any spec will show detail about EL language ?

Hi all,
You have a webapplication and suppose in that you wanted to bill your items which you checked in. You click submit payment once...and it calls the doPost method of the servlet which inturn writes it to Database.
In the mean time you thought that its not working and refreshed the page and clicked submit payment again. this causes your account to be billed again for the same items. Isnt that disasterous such type of applications should be handled properly in a doPOST. Since POST has such potential to cause problems..it is said to be a Idempotent.

maybe i am wrong..... the main different between Post and Get method is ... the data store in message body in Post method and the data store in URL in Get method...so i think there is no differnt when user reload the page in browser and submit the form again...
the process page also will process the data twice even we use Get method.

Thanks and Regards