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Recent posts by Raja Pal

Does the book HTML5 in Action, in chapter 3 covers topics of Drag-n-Drop manipulation, esp. in lists and javascript based DOM manipulation topics? I see there is a mention of D-n-D. I am also interested in a comparison of Flex, AJAX f/w's and HTML5. Is there a section / side note that touches upon this topic?
Hello Denis, What do you mean by after 10 mins memory grows from 10 MB to 60 MB, is this a sudden shoot that you see or is the memory increase gradual over 10 mins? Also what do you do in the rest of the code might have a clue to the huge memory consumption. Parsing large HTML/XML blocks - in most browsers - DOES take a lot of memory and you need to wait for the collector to kickin. However you can trust the collector will definitely start before the browser process start struggling. Also, you may want to ensure that parsed nodes, after rendering are not held in references or function variables, this is a frequent cause of mem-leaks in javascript.
Would you like to share what paticular points of concern do you/team have while adopting HTML5? Most of your legacy code should still work (except a few cases) and HTML5 does give you options which are better to build those exempted features. BTW, if IE 9/10 is not currently supporting some particular features you want (which are a few), you will shortly see patches released, 'caz MS cannot and will not afford to neglect a global standard for long.
Welcome to Rob, Joe, Ash & Greg! Thank you for taking the effort to write on so exciting a Topic!
If you are accessing the web service simply create a SOAPObject request and a SOAPEnvelope and then call the ServiceImplementation class with the name of the serivce operation. AXIS2 can be used to publish a service, any Android device can consume it if the WSDL URL and service class is known. For compatible types your java beans must not use complex data types that cannot be mapped to XSD types. So no util and collections interfaces, instead use arrays and objects.
11 years ago
I did further also suugest that you see why the new designs are useful, maybe they make the site more accessible, may be they reduce the number of clicks or reduce time taken in navigation/access. This way you can rewrite your story as:
As a CRM user I want a simpler interface or newer design that allows me to track mailing accounts faster/in 3 or less clicks so that I can <save time>
Just being a little pragmatic, did you evaluate that this situation actually needs a web-service - I mean the overhead of SOAP and schema typing a complex type, etc. Have you explored a simple change of options with the method invocation/messages still being sent the SOAP way(wsdl) but the file(and I have a hunch this is just some serialized data stream) can be sent using good old FTP, which is most cases can be supported by the vendor end of the service channel? If this is ruled out, then you may consider breaking the SOAP packet size to less granular chunks.
12 years ago
Dear Agilists,

What is your take on the various agile methods practiced and taught by the various certification organizations. How do they differ...I have been a participant of some of their training camps and whilst the practices were very similar, the methods claim uniqueness...How are they different?

Gojko, Does SBE follow any of the methods of these practices or is it a different approach altogether?
Hi Zico,
As an agile coach having helped several teams overcome to such problems I'll share what has been our expereince. These problem of unreachable enduser/customer is normally in the managements mind because they find the team unreliable/immature, if you can help the management get that trust by speaking to them and explaining the benefits of direct customer interaction then it might help. If the Product Owner(ROI incharge) however is not getting you the right data/info/user story then may be you can suggest the Product Owner to undergo a Scrum PO training. Hope this helps.
Hello Robert, It sure is...although apparently you find a lot of difference between the largely formal and process/template oriented UP from comparatively informal Agile methods, yes, they share too much in common too. Iterative developement, Continuous integration, test early and often and collaboration are only too obvious. Then take a look at how AUP - Agile Unified Process brings in the Agile Values into UP. The wikipedia has excellent information and links on this!
Hello Gojko, Can you elaborate on how Behaivour driven development is different from FDD. And well when we say TDD, doesn't the test of correctness and completeness also not include behaviour in it...so is it inherently different?
Well, we also use story and epic cards in our Agile projects. For the requirements elicitiation we use questionnaires and also conduct workshops with a variety of games and customer/user profiling - who likes what, values what, etc. For progress analysis we use Kanban style WIP charts. These are very recently used though. Earlier it was good old doc. templates defined by the Quality gurus.
Great thought eran! I guess I have faced the same problem when dealing with absolute freshers, esp. when they don't have any experience or knowledge of computers...except the basics of parts of a computer stuff. I think towards that, a teacher's intervention is essential apart from a book. Which is why we have people like us! Some of the abstractions, divide and conquer, operation primitives, data primitives, type decomposition, etc. need much more than Programming knowledge. They will delve in everything from simple logic to discrete mathematics...so lets hear what Brain tells us!
12 years ago