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Recent posts by Ram Mmurthy

Multiple Senior Java professionals needed for full-time position as Product specialists in the SF Bay Area California. Will do H1 B transfer.
Recent university grads also welcome for entry-level positions - Similar skills needed.

Should have strong Java, J2EE, object-oriented programming, and Operating systems (Unix, Windows) knowledge. Respond to poster.

9 years ago

I cleared the SCJDWS cert exam today. The total preparation time was about 3 days (over the President's day holiday weekend)
The usual study guides which you can find in the various posts, along with eplanetlabs study guide. I had purchased the voucher about a year ago - so had to take the exam

BTW This was my second attempt - The first attempt was in Jan 08 - I missed the mark by 2 questions..

I ran into the same issue, and had to update the CLASSPATH to include the wlclient.jar file instead of the weblogic.jar file


The problem was resolved after making the above change.
17 years ago
I agree with the previous Post.
Sun is really bad in the certification "follow up" department. I hadn't received the certification kit they mailed out for one of the exams.
I had to send about 7 emails just to ask them to re-send the kit.
The only way to contact them is thru email and there is no phone number.

They need to manage this process better.
18 years ago
Its scbcd - Updated the post.
18 years ago
I passed the SCBCD exam yesterday with 80%. Sharing some tips with the rest
of the group.

I spent a total of 2 months for the preparation. The Head First Book is the key for passing this exam. The concepts are explained in good detail.
Thanks to Kathy & Co ( U deserve an award for the Head First series)

I read all chapters once - Took me a month with approx 12 hrs study per week - Did not solve any mock exams the first time. By the time I was done with the book I had forgotten most of it even the basics.

During the second month I re-read each chapter spending more time to understanding / memorizing the concepts and took all mock exams / exercises.
(spent approx 15 hrs per week) This time it did find some place in my brain.
Referred the EJB API lot of times.

I also referred the EJB SPEC though very sparingly. Would help if u are able to go thru the relevant topics in the spec. However I never tried out any sample programs - did not get the chance to.
(Hopefully will do that now as I am thru with the exam)

I bought Softscbcd exam software - The mock exams are very helpful in remembering what u have read in HF.

During the last one week before the exam, I attempted the free mock exams
on Jdiscuss.com and ejbcertificate.com.These exams helped the most.
I took notes with the important points while solving these exams.

The day of the actual exam I took the HF final mock test - got 60 something
percent. Hoped that it wld steer me thru.

The actual exam is mainly a test of all ejb concepts.
Pay special attention to Code and Deployment descriptor related questions,
and exceptions ( i found the execptions related qs toughest to crack).

Transactions, EJB-QL and Security, etc in the actual exam should be easily solvable if u are able to answer the questions in the other free exams.
(remember the concepts).
All Drag-n-Drop questions are really simple - wld help if u solve these together after u have finished answering the rest of the qs.
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18 years ago
u can re-register on the prometric website with the correct name & other information. U can use the new id while registering for the exam.
I have 2 different prometric ids for scjp and scwcd.
Servlet 2.4 - U can download the spec from the sun website.
Please see my earlier post abt the exam where I have mentioned Drag n Drop in detail.

U shld expect about 4-6 such questions.
U can Click on "Item Review" to review any question when u are in the middle of the exam.
U can also mark specific questions and review marked items later.

[ March 20, 2005: Message edited by: Ram B ]
[ March 20, 2005: Message edited by: Ram B ]
I passed the SCWCD exam yesterday with 89 %.
I had been preparing on and off for about 4 months.

My prep strategy was to follow a study-schedule. (spread over 2 months before the exam actual date). The schedule helped me in covering all exam objectives.
(The MS Word calendar template available from microsoft.com is a cool add-on for creating schedules)

The Head First Book is the KEY to the exam. Thanks Kathy & Co for a great book. Thanks all ranchers for your valuable tips and experiences.

I read all chapters twice thoroughly and again in between while doing the mock exams. I took a few free mock exams (listed below) a day before
and attempted the HF MOCK exam on the morning of the actual exam day.

I made notes while answering the mocks, and these notes helped in the last minute exam cram.

Drag and Drop - The only way to place the answer boxes on the empty boxes
is from the right side corner. (A small rectangular icon indicates the position is correct). If u try to superimpose one over the other the boxes won't stick.

There were questions from all objectives - A bunch of questions from
Design Patterns, Webapp security & Deployment, JSTL, Custom tags.

If possible take the HF Mock exam either on exam day or the day before
and review the answers / errors. I got 62 percent in the HF final exam.

Close to the exam, again revisit design patterns, deployment, & security
objectives - as these are high on verbage and have a lot to memorize.
They can also be high-scoring objectives.
For reviewing Design patterns, the bullet points at the end of the chapter and the reference documents on corej2eepatterns.com should be enough.

The HF mock exam + enthuware free tests helped MOST for the real exam.
I did not purchase any commercial exams as I could not even finish all the free ones.

1) All individual topic coffee crams from Head First book and the
final mock exam.

2) jdiscuss.com -
( Was able to take only 3 of the 5 available free tests for 310-081
Very Helpful for the actual exam)

3) Whizlabs demo mock exam - whizlabs.com

4) Enthuware demo mock exam - enthuware.com (20 questions)

5) Certgear Demo mock exam (20 questions)

6) WWW.j2eecertificate.com : (All study tests)
(most of these for the 080 version)

7) Javaranch Mock exam (080 version)


8) Anand chawlas mock exam (080 Version)


9) Deshmukh and Malaviya final exam on CD (From book - 080 verston)
JWebplus for 310-080 (Check manning.com)
[ March 20, 2005: Message edited by: Ram B ]
Good news - All head first scwcd buffs.
Walmart has the book "IN STOCK" - My copy is on its way.
Search for SCWCD on walmart.com under books.

[ September 09, 2004: Message edited by: Ram B ]
[ September 09, 2004: Message edited by: Ram B ]
My choice for the person on the cover is ...
"K" - Snowboard Girl.
In my opinion she is a playful and sportive geek. That's what you want when you dive heads first into the *Design Patterns* realm - A COOL covergirl for a COOL book.
[ September 04, 2004: Message edited by: Ram B ]
19 years ago