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Recent posts by Bacon

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is much more than a positive mental attitude. I have heard many times, from critics of faith and religion, that it is just an emotional crutch for weak people.

Faith is not a crutch although it does support me. It is much more substantial than a crutch... it is my foundation.
[ February 24, 2005: Message edited by: Ray Marsh ]
19 years ago
First: My family is my top priority not my career. You cannot have both as top priorities. That will not work and only create more stress. You have to chose. There is no two-headed dragon in my life.

Second: I leave work at work. Often I go home and leave work undone or beg off late meetings. I make it a point to not let work dominate my life.

As an example I took yesterday off in the middle of a busy week. My kids did not have school, nor my wife so we all spent the day together.
19 years ago
I would simply make it fashionable to worship me.

So many people are intent on being in fashion that no one could resist the latest rave.
19 years ago
Sometimes it is the change in pressure that hurts their little ears.

Some adults have trouble with this too. The ideas about chewing gum or nursing, etc. will help with this. Sometimes it is just the strange environment or being cooped up in the travel seat. My son, at that age, absolutely hated being strapped down. They are newly mobile and want to go-go-go.

Planes are tough because you have little control. Car travel, you can stop more often, let the kid(s) out to run around a little, burn off some energy. On a plane, while it may be a little annoying to the other passengers, get up and walk around. Take the little one around a bit, if possible. That would certianly be less annoying than constant crying.

They don't call them the terrible twos for nothing! Ahh... the good old days!
19 years ago
Your Brain is 20.00% Female, 80.00% Male
You've got the brain of a manly man Feelings, schmeelings... tears aren't for you. You could break both legs and not get misty eyed. A great problem solver, nothing ever phases you.

<div align="center">
What Gender Is Your Brain?

Must have missed a question! DOH! Must've been the question about obeying the law. Must be men are inherently criminal.

Only for you M, only for you.
19 years ago
To presume that math is the highest level of knowledge and that science is the end of understanding is to place man at the pinnacle of the universe and make the extremely bold assumption that there is none greater in knowledge, wisdom and power.

If God created man, he can certainly heal man. He could create one from dust if He so chooses. Whether some human that whoops and hollers and carries on with all sorts of shenanigans is a channel for God's power... let's just say that is a different question entirely.
19 years ago
I think that men should be offended at the notion that being considerate, caring or sensitive makes you feminine and women should be offended at the notion that being logical or decisive makes them manly.

Of all the ignorant dribble.

This is beyond meaningless.
19 years ago
This not an insult to the youngsters, but you don't know anything when you come out of college. You have a lot of training and knowledge (at least you did when you passed your exams), but you don't really know anything about the real IS/IT/what-ever-you-want-to-call-it world. You'll have a head full of stuff and ideas about idealistic coding practices, modeling tecniques, etc. only to find that in the real world things aren't often done the way they are in text books.

There is no substitute for experience. What you learn in school may help you get started, but there is a lot to learn on-the-job.
19 years ago
I can't even finish it! Waaa!

1.3 minutes later...

Ok, finally... 18.314 40,812th place. Now leave me alone!
[ February 17, 2005: Message edited by: Ray Marsh ]
19 years ago
It is ludicrous to blame Universities for the predictable results of greedy corporations. Microsoft is right at the head of the pack along with IBM and others.

I have worked in software development for many years and it is the policies and procedures of the company that dictate the quality of the product. If a company insists on speedy development and cuts corners on testing, they get sloppy buggy code. If they do not review code prior to putting it into production then they are at the mercy of the programmers whim. It may or may not be good code, it may or may not comply with standards (if the company even has them) Programmers have little to say about it.

That position is tantamount to saying "We're stupid and we need kids right out of college to write secure code for us because we are incapable of: 1. writing it ourselves and 2. testing it to make sure it is secure.

Sorry... This subject struck a nerve. In the past, I've been the victim of many projects where the company I worked for wanted speed, quality and economy and you can't have all three. I deliver the project on time and then get crucified because it isn't perfect. The old engineering adage: "Faster, better, cheaper... pick two" will always be true.
19 years ago
I look at going out to dinner like vacations. I can't worry too much about the cost. If I do, I won't enjoy myself. I'd rather go out less often and go to places that I like a lot, even if they cost a bit more.

You're right about Mickey D's, its just I've out-grown the taste I guess. I used to like it, now its just emergancy food. I really don't care for it anymore.
19 years ago
Late? Heck no. I just got back from the store buying flowers for my Valentine. She tells me I should'nt, but I know better. Besides, it still amazes me how a few roses can make her smile and that in turn makes me smile.

And that, boys and girls is what its all about.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone.
19 years ago
I wanna be retired.
19 years ago