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I spent some time and looked through the chapters (in Contents section and those available in abridged form).
I noticed you start from Kafka event stream processing and then proceed with Amazon Kinesis event stream processing.

Question: is Kinesis better platform than Kafka?

I guess the probable answer is - Kinesis is one of the AWS services and thus can easily
use the rich functionality of AWS as a whole, smooth, with no or minor integration efforts, such as:
- Amazon Redshift (used in Ch 10, Analytics-on-read)
- AWS Lambda and Dynamo DB for building Lambda functions  (Ch 11, Analytics-on-write)

Just trying to better understand a place / role for Kafka.

Thank you.
2 months ago
Thanks for the answer, Alexander.
You mentioned "There's also a more "descontructed" approach of chaining together serverless functions like AWS Lambda." .

Will it be a multi-phase analytics system? Meaning a mixed strategy of analytics processing, chaining:
- at-the edge analytics (IoT devices)
- in-stream analytics (derived/complex stream evens)
- at-rest analytics (rich, historical context in data lakes for predictive analytics modeling and forecasting, data patterns discovery)  

Can you elaborate on that? Any specific scenarios/patterns/use cases for building such chains, which, I understand should mix both push-based continuous intelligence analytics systems with on-demand, pull-based analytics.
2 months ago
What are the best ESP Platforms for particular Event Stream processing scenarios and why?
2 months ago
Alexander & Valentin, welcome and congrats on the new book of an interesting subject!
2 months ago