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Recent posts by Amit G Piplani

Basically, you should be making your key also dynamic. If your request is dynamic with custId, then make it that as key and response as Webservice response.
9 years ago
Core Security Patterns
14 years ago
Just wanted to know Software Pipleline can be applied to SOA methodology?
Looking at the table of contents - it tries to tell more about Software Pipeline, its reference framework, patterns..
So just wanted to know how this applies to SOA? So will it be more of deployment startegy or it will be also be taken care while development?

14 years ago

Use of this product is growing in SOA and especially in BPM. So you should feel lucky...
14 years ago
Well i paased too!!! Exam was really tough and long but it looks like verybody is passing....
Private key is never send across to anyone.

Receiver will verify the message using the sender's public key(although it is not necessary to send sender's public key again in SOAP message as KeyInfo node itself is optional).
Most of the questions i remember on WSIT were w.r.t message interoperability, like if schema defined as double and Double as parameters, what will be there corresponding types in .NET?
I didn't find any of the questions w.r.t Security, Reliable Messaging, Policy frameworks in WSIT context, but couple of questions(1 or 2) on WSIMPORT.

Some of the other questions is advantages of JAX-WS, STaX(egadvantages).
Well i am 1.4 certified and appeared for Beta exam last week.
Questions on security were straight-forward and they were quite similar to the one in previous version.
But again complexity of questions on UDDI/JAXR were similar to earlier exam. I was unlucky to get more questions on JAXR than UDDI, although i skipped this chapter this time considering very less questions were asked on 1.4 exam.

There were couple of questions on design, but 1 or 2 questions on patterns point of view
Not much coding questions at all in exam. Only 1 drag and drop question that too was related to WSDL structure.
But some of them were related to schema definitions(w.r.t Java and .NET interoperability), JAX-WS deployment,REST.
Questions on security were straight-forward.
Couple of questions on Stax, I-Stack, stateful web service, Encoding styles

Surprisingly less questions on faults, message handlers.

But exam was quite tiring.
But again JAX-WS is used with JEE 1.5 onwards, and its not a solution if you are using J2EE 1.4.
Although it looks like using SAAJ and Message Handler can work it out

Ulf/Arpit, will web service versioning help in this case? As per Arpit's requirement, he is willing to change some attributes in WSDL(mostly in Schema), will web service versioning help in this case?
15 years ago
i agree SOAP is obsolete, sorry for posting that as recommendation...

Although JAX-WS provides Dispatch and Provider functionality to operate at the XML message level.
15 years ago
Won't Apache SOAP will help you in this??
15 years ago
won't message handler using saaj help you to access the SOAP message header
15 years ago
You should be using the some unique identifier in the request to dientify the site.
You can use wither hastable or database to relate the unique id relationship with correct bean..which will persist the data for that id into db.
i am not sure but in ws-* stack, ws-resource should be able to help you in this?
15 years ago
well SAML can help you to provide framework for providing SSO w.r.t web services.
15 years ago