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Recent posts by Kitty Dayal

Nice to see your mail too. Congrats on getting a good one. I have not yet booked for the exam, so I dont have a D-day yet(yet is the key word). But I dont know, i wanna get my hands dirty on working on some these tech's. Most of them are really new to me and I have not been able to put solid time for that, hopefully I will. But thanks for your pointers.

Originally posted by Smriti Katyal:
Hie Kitz!
Nice to see your post after a long time
I studied from HFS and no other source. People on forum kept advicing to check the specs but i was feeling so bored (especially after reading HFSJ!!)
I tried few mock exams on . was always down so could not try their mock exams.
I read Giju George's notes. They were very useful!
I must thank him!
Thats the story!
All the best. Waiting to see your score So whenz your D-Day??

I believe you have to configure your deployment descriptor(web.xml) file for your servlets. If u have already configured it, then I would suggest you to post the error that you get so that we get an idea as to what goin on.
Core Servlets and JSP(CSAJSP) from Marty Hall. Excellent book for any beginner for servlets, jsp technology. It comes with 2 editions, check out Excellent resource!!

- Kitz
Hi Smriti,

That's cool (Just 2 months), I am still not up to JSTL/EL & Struts. Can u let me know what all sources did u refer? Also which sites that are giving good WCD mock exams?All the best for your exam.

Hi all,
I am tring to try and figure out how session tracking work's in servlets.
I will post the code and would appreciate the guru's to let me know if there is a better way of tracking user session's. Also I have one problem with my current code, when i click the back button on the browser i still see the secured webpage even though i have invalidated my session. Thanks for your replies...
index.jsp page(login page)

Login servlet code. code code

the problem is when the user uses the back button, he can still see the contents on the welcome page? Thanks!

Really appreciate your replies. Well I dont know, we are developing an application for my school. we want to introduce online course management, web-based courses which would let students to take courses, view grades, all that. And faculties to see their students data, upload a file for a class, generate reports etc. Its not businiess related, no buying/selling and i am new to struts. I have done couple of projects using JSP and servlet technology with MVC and lot of swing/POJO stuff, but not struts or EJB's. Obviously it will have more than 5/6 use cases.

Do u think, with your level of experience, application of such dimension would be well based on JSP/servlet technologies with some back-end/XML.

If u think going struts framework way would be better, can u suggest some resources that u think are good(books/links).

I guess for the DHTML, i would have to come up with some static fancy HTML pages to satisfy people here .

Thank you soo much,
Thank you sooo.... much for the reply. Really appreciate it.

The DHTML thing that you suggested, how do you do that. Do you have to design the HTML pages to do that?

show how the application will look and feel, and what the inputs and outputs will be, where the data comes from, and where it goes after the various use cases are complete

What is the fastest/easiest(less time consuming) technique that i could do to do the above quote. (I know how to write the use cases, but i dont want to spend real-time designing HTML pages which i suspect will be changed in the future)

I have couple of questions. Some of the ascepts you mentioned like struts framework, EJB etc. I am not actually using them. All i am building is a JSP/servlet based web application with some swing components, not a business one, though its a commercial app.
Is it must and should that we use these technologies OR

Is it still powerful if i build it with JSP/Servlet on MVC architecture with some back-end. What are the pro's and con's.

Finally i am using Net Beans4.0 as my IDE (i took it because it has some swing tools that are pretty good and easy to use). What do u use? and what's your take on that?

Thank you again for your replies
Hi all,
I was not sure where to post my message and so posted on this forum. I want to learn and start working on a J2EE project, does anyone who has worked on j2ee projects let me know how would one start a project. Let say a medium sized web project on j2ee. Where do really start? Do to design the views first, or controller logic other than settings up the development and deployment environment's. Also I will really appreciate if anybody could point me to any references(websites) or good books which would show how to start a j2ee project and what the general path is OR maybe show a good example of a pretty good J2EE project from start(design) to end(build and implementation)? I know any software development path is not linear, but i am pretty sure there is a standarized way to start your work. I have the KB book, but i want get my hands dirty on servlets and JSP's by DOING SOMETHING.

Thank you everyone for your replies
I have been using NetBeans 4.0 for past 1 week. I should say its pretty good, though its slow for 256mb winXP m/c. I am not able to configure CVS on netbeans, Anybody there who has been using netbeans let me know how to configure CVS support on netbeans.

Hi all,

I am looking for an IDE for my next J2EE project. I am quite new to J2EE professional development. I have heard a lot about eclipse. I am quite not sure whether it would satisfy some of the needs.Things i am lookin for r:
1. free
2. able to support JSP, servlet's, JDBC.
3. CVS support.
4. provide swing elements.(so that i could write some swing components easily).
5. tomcat and apache included.
6. should be able to use code developed for commercial purposes.

Also which is the best available AppServer(free) that goes best on win2003 server.

Hi all,

I am not able to get startup.bat batch file to run on my windowsXP Pro m/c. Its throws an error

"Window cannot find '-Djava.endorsed.dirs='.Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. To search a file, click the start button, and then click search"

I dont want to reinstall tomcat bec I have some data on it. And starting everything from beginning is a headache. Due to this I am unable to run my servlets. It keeps on throwing 404 error.

Thanks for your help,
- Kits
Hi all,

Can anybody tell me the difference between Tomcat(Servlet/JSP engine), Apache (a web server) and an application server(Websphere, JBoss). Which one to use, when and why?. Why do you need apache if tomcat can do the stuff for you. Also does tomcat 5.0 come with an webserver(apache) built-in?.

Also if u could point to any article u know of which is good with these basics, that would be great.

Thanks all for your replies. I have continued using TextPad for my work. Its really a cool tool. Sekhar and Nicholas since u guys used WSAD 5.0 I had just one question, Can we install WSAD5.0 on a laptop with 256mb. Will it be a major performance hit OR Will it be OK?

Thanks all guys,
- Kits
SCJP 1.4
Hey Nicholas,

Can WSAD 5.0 be used on 256mb laptop? I know it is not recommended, but I want learn the tool and am not gonna upgrade my system any time soon.

SCJP 1.4
Hey Sean,

How different is T285 from 285.

SCJP 1.4
17 years ago