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Recent posts by Jayashree Menon

Many Thanks Shailesh.
However none of the above apply to the scenario. We did a lot of Research and testing at our end. Following are the scenarios and the conclusions.

We tested the application by connecting to DataSource of Oracle 9i. It worked perfectly fine. No resultsets were closed.

The same piece of code connecting to Oracle 10g datasource fails.

Next we tried connecting to Oracle 10g through DriverManager instead of Datasource. It worked perfectly fine.

Our conclusion is that Oracle 10g datasource has some issues which we are not clear about. Is it because we are updating the same table as that of the resultset in the same connection that the resultset is getting closed? We are not too sure of this. Would be glad if anyone can shed some light on this.

Thanks a lot
Jayashree Nair
Thank You Dilip.
We did put in a lot of SOPs and checked, but the connection object is not null or closed. Even the ResultSet is not null. Which is what is strange.
I hope we get a resolution for this quickly.
Our application which was on Websphere5.1 and Oracle 9i was recently upgraded to Websphere6.1.0.13 and Oracle 10g. With the same set of Code and other setting such as Datasopurces, connection pooling etc, we are getting an error as :

DSRA9110E: ResultSet is closed
Instead of the complete code I will post the logic and some pseudo code on this.

We are trying to upgrade our application from Websphere 5.3 to Websphere In doing thus I have set variable in the name Space bindings of Websphere

Did it as

My code for lookup is as follows

This was the way it was coded for Websphere 5.3

I have an ejb client which is remote and trying to do a lookup on Websphere6.1 for this variable.

It is failing with a stack trace as follows ..

Please help resolve this
15 years ago