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Please supply some code.
16 years ago
thanks. Your response is very impressive. Complete, to-the-point, and "cut-and-pastable"!

It's exactly what I needed.
16 years ago
I don't have a background with j2me at all. I am a JAVA developer though.

I don't own a PDA, but I am considering one.

I want to make sure that I understand what I am expecting with a PDA.

Let's assume that I have a computer running at my home that is always connected to the internet.

Can I purchase a PDA, program it with J2ME and access my computer at home?

Here is another (more specific example)

I have written an "address book" application on my home PC. I want to program a PDA (or something) to send to this home application a "name". This application would then take that name, look up a phone number and address, and send that data back to the PDA.

Is this possible?

Is this difficult?
16 years ago
During times like this, I like to just try to ping the client from the server and visa versa.

If you cannot do that, then at least we can eliminate JAVA as a possible suspect here.
Is it possible to right justify text in a JTable?

I've tried using Strings, JLabel, and even extending DefaultTableCellRenderer but all I ever get is left justified text.
16 years ago
You're on to something there.

I printed out the vector before the sort and after the sort.

It DID appear sorted when the output went to stdout!

I need to examine how I am implementing my table. about the populating of the Vector...

I used the new String() because my string variable was declared inside the loop like this:

Are you saying that this is not necessary?
16 years ago
I must be doing something wrong.

My vector is a simple list of names.
I populate it in a loop with this statement:

Then I sort it like this:

Then I use it to create a JTable. The elements are not sorted in the table.

Have I missed something?
16 years ago
I need to sort a vector. Anyone have any good ideas on how to implement this?

I'm kind of suprised that the JAVA core doesn't supply a sorting method.
16 years ago
How well do you know the server?

Do you know that it is sending the data that you are expecting?

Did you write it? If so, make sure it is issuing a flush() call after the write. (same goes for you client).
no problem, name changed.

I was hoping to introduce some delay's that are inherent in the internet to my application.

As of now, my server has no problems simulaneously serving as many clients as I can throw at it (actually I've only connected 10 of them simultaneously).

Since my server (as it is currently written) takes a number of steps AFTER the accept() call, including a duplex communication with the client; I am concerned that it is susecptable to some I/O blocking deadlocks if there is too much of a delay.

Up to now, all my testing has been with the clients and server all running on the same IP address.

I don't know "grinder", do you think it will help me simulate the internet delays I could be facing?
I've got a threadded server application that I consider "finished".

I need to put it through some testing though.

I could use a free-site that has JAVA on it.

My plan would be to load my server on this site and run many client app's from my local site. I want to test my server by making many WAN connections to it.

I can find free UNIX shell accounts, but they don't have a JVM or they don't permit this type of activity.

Anyone have any ideas?
If you can't ping your server, then your application won't be able to get to the sever either.

Sounds to me like some sort of fire wall protection or something like that.

Maybe it's just a "hosts" file that needs updated.
Yeah, it looks like I'm going to have to do that.

crap. I was hoping that the copy/paste of "myCLass" would save me some time but I guess not.

Thanks for your help.
Can your client "ping" your server (and visa versa)?

I have a client/server application that I've implemented using JAVA sockets.

I am getting a "class not found" exception from the server when it tries to readObject().

Here is my client set up:

And my server set up (exception occurs at the readObject() line)

Notice the "myClass" is the class of the object I want to send and receive.

Am I getting this exception because the two "myClass" classes are actually two different sub-classes?

To save time during implementation, I simply copied and pasted the myClass class into both the server and the client classes.