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Recent posts by Vikram Bindal

Hello All,

I am creating a web application which requires me to use MySQL DB.
For testing purposes I have used my own machine as a server, so I havent had any problems using the setup connection jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/DBName
and my entire application works cool.

Now, I have a server setup at another remote computer, which has given me a particular URL where I can go and create my DB and use that for my application.

Say for example purposes. The URL is with certain username and password.

HOW can I create a connection to this place.
Does it have to be like jdbc:mysql:// ??

Help would glady be appreciated
Hello All,

I am creating a web-site and in that I have different div tags for different sections. My one div tag comprises of login panel and what I want to do is that when the user clicks the login button, assuming authentication is done then I want to update the page only on that DIV tag which has a particular ID. How can I do this. ?

<!-- login section here -->
<div id="banner-sub">
<h2>SIGN IN </h2>
<table width="180" border="0" cellspacing="0">
<tr valign="bottom">
<td width="67"><p class="text-login">Username:</p></td>
<td width="109"> </td>
<tr valign="bottom">
<td><p class="text-login">Password:</p></td>
<td> </td>
<p class="login-buttons"><a href="Testing.jsp">sign in</a></p>
<p class="text-login-forgot"><a href="#">Forgotten your Username?</a></p>
<p class="text-login-forgot"><a href="#">Forgotten your Password?</a></p>
<p class="login-buttons"><a href="#">register</a></p>
<!-- end login section -->

And the code for my Testing.jsp (just a simple display showing "JSP Page" for now, JSP functionality added later on)
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<title>JSP Page</title>

So basically, I want Welcome displayed in that div tag which has id "sub-banner". Help would gladly be appreciated. Thank you
15 years ago
Hello All,

I have a suitable web application in which I have form authentication using normal specified j_username, j_password stuff..

When the user is authenticated, I want to set my Java Bean Class property to these values (assuming in my Bean Class named I have two variables namely String userName, String password)

normally one can do this (without form authentication)
by <jsp:setProperty name="user" property="*"> which automatically does the trick for you instead of lines of code..

But now because I have my username and password (FORM authentication) as
j_username and j_password... how can I accomplish setting beans property

Help, suggestion would be greatly appreciated

15 years ago

I think covering the following would be a great help..

1. Exceptions {esp "Handle or Declare RULE" listing some examples :-) }
2. Garbage Collection

Thanking you for your time and help

Yes, indeed that does clear my doubts which I had, THANKS !!

"I think, none of the watches, rollex, omega even come close
to the WATCHES that K&B have in their book"

Regd the code evaluation for a
I struggled at first as well.. so I tried it out on the compiler and I saw the output 3, 0, 3
After trying different bracket combinations, it looks like this is what
the expression a is really like

int a = 1 | (2 ^ (3 & 5));

So 3 (0011) & 5 (0101) = 1 (0001), followed by
2 (0010) ^ 1 (0001) = 3 (0011), followed by
1 (0001) | 3 (0011) = 3 (0011)

I just wanted to consult an advice, are we expected to remember the order or preecedence for the exam, which in this case looks like & then ^ then |.

Can someone suggest !!.
Hi all,

I am not sure if I am actually allowed to post the question directly from the K&B book here for public viewing. So at this stage, just going to mention, two questions which I had.

Chapter 2, SELF - TESTS, Question 3
Correct Answer accd to the book: A, C, E
I choosed A, E and F
My reason for selecting F:

Option F states that "If class A was not abstract and method m1( ) on line 2 was implemented, the code would not compile".

If one examines the code snippet given, Then accd to the theory, If a class has a method abstract, then the class should be declared abstract, ELSE ERRORS !!!.

Though, even option C looked right to me, but the question said PICK Only three.
Am I CORRECT OR WRONG, if wrong, then can someone please explain me WHY ? thanks :-)

Chapter 2, SELF - TESTS, Question 14
I selected C and F, the book says B and F.

My Reason: I know the "run" method to be used for whenever the Runnable interface is implemented ( "public void run( )" ).. How can ONE FORGET, K&B highlighted this in a very "ATTRACTING MANNER" :-).

But the way the options for the questions were put, It appeared to me, that they were very much precise to as if just run() method or public void run().

I just wanted to ensure, when one see's a question like this, which is the way to go ??

Those were the two questions I had..
Help would be appreciated.

Oh and K&B, I wish you could also write some of the electrical engineering books.
I am sure.. I know lot of guys who would have been thankfull to u, including me.. :-)