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Recent posts by maateen ashraf

why dont u use xml serializer class to serialize the object into the xml formated object so that it can be passed to server in xml responses.
if the datatype is more complex u can use binery serializer also to convert it into binery fromatted stream..
22 years ago
is ur client is an applet. or application..
one solution is to use a dll file using JNI the most perfact way ( like MSN )
but if u dont want to use JNI then go for just
intentiating new instance of the private applet class it will automatically comes on front of all other applications.
one more way is to just send that private message to that perticuler client not other on the same applet window rather intentiating new one.
let me know any help u require about chat..!
22 years ago
there are many solutions..
1-socket based implementation
2-HTTP socket connection
3-RMI solution
4-CORBA solution
that all depends on the requirment..
would u like to send code here on forum so that i can check it on my machine
but the thing is that u must know the name or ip addresso of the machine to whom u want to get connected through socket..
but here u say that after getting connected u ask for name or ip where as u ought to know it before getting connected..
anyhow send code..
i want a sockect connection with a server running through SOCKS version 5 on port 1080 or any port where my server is running
does java provide any solution for that.
any proxy class or any socks implementation
i dont need http connection through proxy but socket connection thorugh proxy SOCKS version 5.or 4 .
does anyone provide me any artical about it or any help about it
thanks in advance
i have a JDialog i want to print it .what whould i do..?
plz help me out
22 years ago
i run setEnv.
this is the error when i run weblogic.ejbc command
"Exception in thread main java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: weblogic/ejbc"
if any one help me out
i want to upload a file from jsp to server (servlet)
how can i do it..
what i have done is
created an object of FILE
then FILEOUTPUTSTREAM to pass it to next page...?
but i cant get it on next page...?
what could be the scnario..?
thanks in advance.
23 years ago
setImageIcon(Image) use it ...
23 years ago
can someone help me how can i display image of my own on titla bar....?
23 years ago
it just calles broadcast() method whenever any change event of textfield occurs so it immidiatly removes the character typed on textfield
that Y u are not looking any character typed over textfield
try to print null in text field after sending the message to server & getting boolean true flag.
& also send message after the complete character has written.
23 years ago
u have to write a security file & the allow permissions in it
to let ur applet to be run by browser.....
23 years ago
i think textArea by default does it
u need not to write any code for it
just select all the text copy it then past it where ever u want
23 years ago
u have to override the start() method of applet class
so as to get the applet automatically refreshed
23 years ago